Installed XP 64-no audio now

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Sep 20, 2008
  1. I just recently got a virus on my Compaq SR1630NX it had xp- I installed windows XP 64 everything works great except i have no sound i have yellow question marks by my Multimedia Audio Controller-PCI Modem-SM bus Controller

    I don't really know what the others pertain too, but id like to get my audio working- I downloaded Everest to look at my system components and under Multimedia/Windows Audio there is nothing there

    If some one could point me to a the right driver or process to get my sound working again that be awesome thank you
  2. Kaizen

    Kaizen TS Rookie

    Driver Install

    I don't know what driver you need, but you may need to manually install it. Download the setup package for your audio and run it. If it says that installation failed after you run it, go to My Computer - View System Information - Hardware - Device Manager - Other Devices - find the one that you think is your audio (it's probably under "other devices"), right click and choose update driver - choose not to search, then choose install from a specific location. Find where your driver's setup package installed (it's probably C:swsetup, or something similar on the root of the C drive), and your sound will work.
  3. gearhead125

    gearhead125 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    whats the setup package?
  4. Kaizen

    Kaizen TS Rookie

    Setup package is the file you download that is supposed to install your driver automatically, but you may need to follow the steps in my above post after you run it. Try searching for Realtek AC'97 for your computer module and try installing that.
  5. gearhead125

    gearhead125 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Still nothings working- when i go to my sound and audio devices it shows that i dont even have an audio device??? I tried going into BIOS and enabled my audio it was on auto- that still didnt change anything
  6. Kaizen

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    Google Compaq SR1630NX + Realtek AC'97 driver. Download and run the setup file. If that doesn't work then follow my original instructions.
  7. gearhead125

    gearhead125 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So i downloaded the Realtek driver from HP's website and ran the setup and it was successful, but still nothing when i tried to to the advanced install it doesn't recognize the driver file because its a a setup file-
  8. Kaizen

    Kaizen TS Rookie


    Well if the installation was successful you shouldn't have to manual install the driver. Go to Control Panel - Sounds and Devices and make sure sound isn't muted. If that isn't the problem go back to my original instructions and when you select the driver to install don't select the one you downloaded instead select from C:swsetup folder. The setup file you installed created that new folder directory when you ran it. So you might have to manually select it from there.
  9. CCT

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    There appears to be NO 64 bit XP driver from HP. The fact that the mobo supports expansion in future to 64 bit OS,s doesn't mean the company that sold it will ever actually provide those drivers (slick advertising).

    You will have to find a mobo of any manufacture that has the same chipsets and has drivers written for XP 64 bit and try one from/for that board.

    edit: you might want to play with these;

    I don't know if they'll work with newer cores or not.
  10. vegasgmc

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    Did you install the motherboard chipset drivers? I think you have the Radeon Xpress 200 chipset so go to for the drivers. You may also be able to get them through Windows Update. But there is a chance there arent any 64bit drivers for your audio.
  11. gearhead125

    gearhead125 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No i didn't d/l any mobo chipset drivers- I have a ATI x800 PCIe video card on here now
    Should i still download the integrated ati drivers?
  12. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    You need to install the motherboard drivers. Not the same as the video card drivers. Go to HP's site and in the support section enter your model number and it will give you a list of drivers. You need the ones that say motherboard or chipset. These are for your IDE and Network controllers and various other hardware on the motherboard. It should also have the audio driver.
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