installing windows xp

By diesel30
Jun 2, 2007
  1. I need some assistance in installing windows xp pro.. I purchased a new hard drive and I would like to install windows xp pro on my new hard drive and get it all setup and running before I format the current drive that I am using that has xp pro on it.. I can boot to the new hard drive when I change bios to do so but when I boot to the windows disk, it finds the original version of windows xp pro on my c: drive.. Can I not install windows xp pro on my new hard drive, get it all setup and running and then format my c: drive?! Basically having windows on two different drives in my machine?!!?
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    Why not install the new drive as a primary master, take out the old one, put in Windows XP disc and start the computer. It will boot form the disc (assuming you have it set that way in BIOS) and you can install from there. Once you have everything setup how you want it, simply plug in your old disc as a slave, copy anything over to the new one, and then use disk management in windows to format.

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