Intel Coffee Lake reveal confirmed for August 21

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Aug 8, 2017
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  1. After numerous leaks and benchmarks being posted early, Intel has officially set a date to announce the release of its 8th generation Coffee Lake processors. Set for 8 a.m. PDT on August 21, a live stream will be available on Intel's Facebook page where full details of all of the upcoming CPUs will be shared.

    While there are not likely to be many surprises in store given that much is already known about Coffee Lake, Senior Vice President of the Client Computing Group, Gregory Bryant, will be making an appearance to provide insight on Intel's future plans. A strong focus on virtual and augmented reality is to be expected.

    Even though Kaby Lake has been out for less than a year, strong pressure from AMD's Ryzen CPUs has likely helped bring Coffee Lake to market faster.

    Intel also promises that you will not miss the solar eclipse set to occur following the presentation.

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  2. misor

    misor TS Evangelist Posts: 1,306   +255

    I wonder how intel will counter amd ryzen's rising.

    ...did I miss something on the popular quote that "competition helps bring prices down'? amd cpu prices are way, way up compared to pre-ryzen cpu offerings.
  3. SirChocula

    SirChocula TS Maniac Posts: 164   +171

    Does anyone really care?
  4. VitalyT

    VitalyT Russ-Puss Posts: 3,919   +2,274

    @Intel. Amazing things happen only when there is a healthy competition to kick your lazy a$$!

    Without AMD you'd be now selling us Celeron crap at $1000 a pop.
  5. Kotters

    Kotters TS Maniac Posts: 318   +218

    ...Yes, yes you did. AMD still sells some of those processors, but the cost of x performance is down. Ryzen's a better bang for buck that nearly every AMD offering before it, and even Intel CPUs have trouble beating its price/performance in real-world situations.

    Interestingly, we are now in a world where the highest end PCs are different from the highest end Gaming PCs.
  6. ypsylon

    ypsylon TS Booster Posts: 127   +27

    At this moment in time, considering we are just some hours from lifting embargo on Threadripper, who cares about Intel brand new very-sub-par offerings?

    I was ready to upgrade from X99 to X299, but when all mist and conflicting information has been lifted it's obvious that X299 is terrible platform, especially from workstation point of view where you have pay through the roof to get less or much less than on X99. Same goes for consumer platforms where Ryzen 3/5/7 is just outright better option for people who just want to run a system with a single VGA, single SSD and have some multimedia fun.

    Me personally I was interested in normal Ryzen, but simply insufficient storage options/number of PCIe lanes was instant no-go. Now TR that's another story. Plenty of storage options out of the box and enough PCIe lanes for whatever user heart desire. At least for time being Intel cannot shaft users anymore. There is better alternative available and I'm chuffed to bits because of that. For all I care Intel can recycle whole X299/Z3xx platform into something more useful like RGB condoms or something. ROFL
  7. QuantumPhysics

    QuantumPhysics TS Addict Posts: 198   +118

    No matter how powerful AMD Threadrippers are: some people don't trust them and prefer intel.
  8. Alex1105

    Alex1105 TS Rookie

    I'm not an AMD fan nor an Intel one, and it all comes down to price vs performance and acceptable brand. A huge market share is from gamers and frankly to run a game these days is a lot less demanding than let's say 10 years ago. AMD made some huge improvements with the coming of Ryzen and intel almost always had an higher IPC. Neither CPU's are bad, they just adopt a different strategy. Now performance wise AMD could do more with the higher core count, but the platform and software(games, OS, etc) in itself are a bit limited in multicore support. Guess we'll blame it on Intel's partners ^^, at least now with intel going for more cores I suppose some improvements are in order at least in a few generations.

    Like I said, not an AMD fan, but I'm glad they stepped up their game. They deserve better credit.

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