Intel DH61AG 'Apple Glen' Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

By Jos ยท 12 replies
Nov 8, 2011
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  1. superphoenix

    superphoenix TS Rookie

    Yes, the most difficult part is to find a suitable chasis. I've also been eyeing this mobo for a while, but just not able to find a tiny house for it.

    Moreover, you mentioned that the stock 1155 cooler measures 45mm, but do you know how tall it measures from the mobo? Thank you if you can tell me this, because I'm planning to use a mini chasis that can house a cooler 48mm from ground up.
  2. Mizzou

    Mizzou TS Enthusiast Posts: 823

    Great review, very informative. It's impressive to see the increasing level of performance in these small form factor components.
  3. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,869   +2,039

    It is exactly 53mm to the bottom of the PCB and then you need to take the motherboard tray mounts into account which are about another 7mm. So in total you are looking at about 60mm which is why you need a lower profile heatsink.
  4. To comments to the review:

    1. All intel 35W TDP "T"-Models as well as all Pentiums and Celerons come with a 30mm HSF,
    so fitting one of those in a small case should not be a problem.

    2. "Meanwhile, the more cost effective Core i5-2400S and Core i5-2390T have a TDP rating of only 35 watts. " well, that's not exactly true. the 2400S has 65W TDP (thats the meaning of the "S", only "T"- models are 35W TDP). There is no 4-core Sandy Bridge with 35W TDP, although there will be an Ivy-Bridge 4-core with 35W TDP next year.
  5. superphoenix

    superphoenix TS Rookie

    Thank you both for your reply!

    And Guest, do you mean all Pentiums and Celerons come with a 30mm HSF? Even the 65W SKU's?

    I'm sure the 35W Pentium G620T and G630T come with a 30mm HSF, but I'm suspecting about what come with the 65W Celeron G530/G540 or Pentium G620/G630/G840/G850. Could you please confirm that? Thanks a lot!
  6. superphoenix

    superphoenix TS Rookie

    I find in this thread that non-T Celeron and Pentium has a taller HSF, the same as Core-i's.

    So I will have to choose a T processor.
  7. superphoenix

    superphoenix TS Rookie

  8. "All standard Pentiums carry a 65W TDP. The Pentium G620T runs at a meager 2.2GHz and manages a 35W TDP. Regardless of thermal rating, the boxed SNB Pentiums come with an ultra low profile cooler" (Anandtech)

    seems that we have contradicting information...
  9. superphoenix

    superphoenix TS Rookie


    I just find the part number of the fan/heatsinks at cpu-world.
    It seems that non-T Pentiums have the taller cooler, after comparing these three links:
    G620: G620.html
    2100: i3-2100 CM8062301061600.html
    2100T: (BX80623I32100T - BXC80623I32100T).html
  10. ROYAL115

    ROYAL115 TS Rookie

    Wonder if I could use one of these to re-vitalize an Apple //c.
  11. I have a question, will this board support Ivy Bridge processors?
  12. Here you go :
    intel heatsink for this mobo

    lian - li case for this mobo :

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