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Interesting Phenomenon with computer while im away.

By Tribal-Phoenix
Nov 9, 2005
  1. Hey ! Something really weird happens to my computer when im not using it , im assuming after the screensaver when the monitor shuts off heres an example, i go to school in the morning so i turn it on at about 7 and come back at 3 and when i move the mouse to (turn off screensaver) nothing happens the light on the monitor is green meaning that it gets signal but the screen is black the computer isnt using any resources since the hard drive lamp isnt flashing the power is on, also the lights on the keyaboard are on but if i press caps lock or num lock two turn on//off em it does not work. so im assuming that the computer freezes for some reasron after certain amount of time, ps no one has access to it while im away. the stas are p4 2.5 , 1 gig ram 80 + 40 gb hdd's, NEC AccuSync 95f monitor sis 650 32 mb video card. thanks
  2. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    What are your power option settings? Does it go to hibenate, sleep or standby?

    Is your BIOS ACPI or ACPI 2.0 compliant? what power management settings do you have in your BIOS?

    More info would be nice but looks like it goes to sleep and can't get up.

    Should we assume you are running XP with SP2?
    After you move the mouse do you give it time to wake up or start doing a finger dance on the keyboard right after?
    Is the light any color other than green or flashing and then goes to solid green and stays lit?

    It might be just one component that can't wake up or number of other things.
    Could be your hard drive that fails to wake up!
  3. Tribal-Phoenix

    Tribal-Phoenix TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 92

    ok my power options are to just turn off monitor after 20 min no stand by no hibernate since the power buton on the pc is on, about acpi i have no ide but ill look it up when i get a chance, yes i use xp pro sp2 and usualy what happenes is when monitor goes to sleep the light on it tuurns orange and then whe nu move mouse it comes back to green, but for somereason it stays green like it gets the signal it usualy taker up to 10 second for it to load, i waited for about 30 then tried caps lock which didnt work. u know it might be the hard drive ibut it does not go to sleep all that issuppost to happen is the screenssaver comes in after 10 min and monitor turns off after 20 thats it.
  4. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    Can you check your BIOS under power or power management?

    Video off option:
    Is this set to always on or suspend -> off

    Video off method:
    Is this set to DPMS, if it is, try V/H SYNC+Blank
    Don't select Blank Screen or any other DPMS

    Check the other power options while there, if you have ACPI Suspend to RAM and it is enabled, try disabling it.
    If you can, disable the whole power management for a day and try just so we can rule that one out.

    What is the make and model of your motherboard?
    Are you happy with the SiS650 performance?
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