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Intermittent Boot Failure

By lasmith
Nov 18, 2005
  1. I am having trouble with my computer at boot up. When I click the power button the machine sounds like it is starting up (ie the hard drives spin and the fans begin). However nothing happens and it seems like the POST is not running. The only way I can get it to boot is to click the reset button. Sometimes it requires a couple of clicks, sometimes more, sometimes less. But generally a couple will solve it!

    I initially thought it was a power issue so I tried a 400w PSU but to no avail (my original one was 300w).

    My motherboard is an ASUS with a 1800xp athlon chip. I built this machine myself a little while ago and it has always behaved like this, I thought it was kinda qwirky!!

    If anyone has any ideas as to why this might be happening I would be very grateful. I would like to get rid of this problem as I might be selling it...

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