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Sep 19, 2010
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  1. I'm hoping someone can help with my internet issues.

    I am a lifelong Mac user and have a Macbook Pro (OS 10.5.8) at home that I use for work and personal. Since I don't let the kids on it, I bought a Dell last Christmas for my family, loaded with Windows Vista Home edition. Initially, everything was great and both computers could connect to the internet with no problem. I have internet through Cox and use a Netgear WNR-2000 router. My Mac uses the internal AirPort and my Dell uses a Netgear Wireless-N USB Adapter WN111v2.

    A little while ago, I started having issues with my Mac not being able to connect to our account. It would see the network in the AirPort but timeout while trying to connect. I thought it was just the Mac since the Dell didn't seem to have issues at first. I connected my Mac directly to the internet (skipping the router) and it was fine, so I thought it must be a compatibility issue between the router and the Airport. But then the Dell wouldn't connect, so I thought maybe it was a bad router, but when I opened up the wireless adapter Wizard, it says it's connected to the router, but then drops the internet intermittently.

    I have tried to find a solution and admit I'm not hugely tech savvy, but the one thing that seems to work is when I do ipconfig /renew. Unfortunately, it only seems to hold for about 5 minutes and then the Internet drops again.

    I'd thought maybe it was an issue on not being able If I run ipconfig, I get the attached. When I do ipconfig /renew, it gives me the same thing.
    (see attached files)

    When I run Windows Network Diagnostics, it sometimes says
    "Windows has confirmed that this computer is currently experiencing a network connectivity problem. Windows found a problem that cannot be corrected automatically." or it says "Windows did not find any problems with your Internet connection."

    Any ideas? It can't be just the OS if BOTH computers are having issues, but when I connect the Mac directly to the cable box, it works fine, and my Dell says it stays connected to the router, even when it can't access the internet...

    Thoughts? The darn thing has dropped 3 times just while I type this!
    -Suzanne :(

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  2. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,034   +55

    Wireless issues

    If both Mac and Windows PC's work fine on the internet using Ethernet cables, but fail using wireless, it would point to the software in the router, or possibly the wireless part of the modem/router. So, I would first try a 'reset' on the router, that's usually done by pushing in a recessed switch, somewhere near the 'on/off' button. That will take it back to 'default' settings. It will also change any settings you have changed, in the router's software, back to default. It is also possible to get and install a new version of your router's software. At worst it might mean a replacement modem/router. If you want to try the 'reset' option, just use a cocktail stick, look for a 2mm size hole on back edge of router, with it 'on', press in for 1 second. Check the computers. If no difference, with the router 'on', press the stick in, and hold there, watch the lights on the router, wait for one or all to go out, then release the stick.(about 30 seconds). Hopefully you will have solid 'net connection now. You won't break the router, it's a built in option.
  3. SuzL

    SuzL TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Works for the Dell but not the Mac

    Thanks for the help, Mike. I tried it and my network shows up under a really odd name now, but the computer seems to be connecting to it much better. At least, the Dell is. My Mac sees the network, but when I try to connect, it asks for my password. When I enter the password to my old network, it says Invalid Password. Thoughts?
  4. malakaayo

    malakaayo TS Rookie Posts: 17

    1. how about re-installing the software for the "Netgear WNR-2000 router" so that any "invalid password" will be reset to a new one...
    ( possibility of forgotten password or the keyboard malfunction)

    2. manually setting the router to default ip address like for your LAN Host and or 192.168.3 and so forth for the other devices connected thru wifi...

    your router may have a different ip setting...
  5. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,034   +55

    Mac & Dell pc's router problem

    By resetting the modem/router, it seems you have now got a connection to the net with the Dell, so the only (!) problem now is the password when using the Mac. As you will now be using the original software setup in the router as the first day you used it, can you use that password? Be sure to use all lower-case letters, unless you are sure it was mixed 'upper/lower' case. Also do you have any password/admin/default i.p. information underneath the modem/router?

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