Intermittent video problem with my Acer laptop..

By Toreshi
Apr 6, 2010
  1. I've had this laptop for about a year now and it just recently started doing something really weird. I have a bunch of episodes of MST3K on the laptop, which I watch at night by hooking it up to my tv. It's always worked just fine. Recently, after finishing an episode (that worked fine!), I closed the media player and opened up the next episode. That episode inexplicably skipped every few seconds, and sometimes the audio went crazy as well. To determine whether it was the computer or the file, I reopened the file I had just watched all the way through...and it did the same thing! After fighting with it for quite a while, I gave up. Every media player did the same thing (or had slightly differing problems), and every file was the same.

    The next night I opened up the episode again...and it worked just fine! Confused, but happy, I watched the episode and then moved on to the next...only to have the same problem crop up again!

    Does this problem make any sense to anyone? Is there something (a virus maybe?) in particular that I should be looking for?

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    Which media players are you using? Have you tried VLC? I have found that will play just about anything I throw at it with great success.

    It sound like it might be a bad episode causing a memory leak or something, which is corrected after you restart the PC.

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    Thanks for the welcome! :D

    I've tried VLC (it's what I normally use, actually), plus I tried Windows Media Player, Microsoft Media Player, Quicktime, and WinAmp. All have similar problems, some worse than others.

    I have tried restarting the PC, in both instances that the problem cropped up, and it didn't help at all, even after multiple restarts and shutting down every other non-pivotal process. That's what's so frustrating. I can't fix it myself, but it seems like if I leave the computer alone for a day or so, it suddenly works...and then goes again.
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