Internet connected and works on other computer, but not on this one

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Nov 2, 2007
  1. First of all, I have a sbc dsl modem. The problem is definitely with the computer because: I am using my other computer, and it works fine with the same internet connection. However, when I connect it to my desktop computer, it doesn't work. The connection is alright, with packets coming in and going out, but when I open all three of my web browsers: internet explorer, mozilla firefox, netscape, and safari, none of them work. I am on a Sony PCV-RS310 computer and the ping comes back saying that all four packets were lost. I first thought this might have been a virus or something blocking a port, but it seems impossible that something like that could happen. I frequently use torrent programs, like bittorent and uTorrent. I first thought i might have downloaded some sort of virus, but after scanning- with databases updated on this computer, with 5 different antivirus programs, I gave up. Any idea what is happenning is appreciated. Thanks in advance. :((((((((
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    The Router is what? Wired or Wireless? If either one who makes it? How old is it? Remember that BT traffic packets can take it's toll on a router. You'll need to get a heavy duty router otherwise you'll start to get packet loss as you're getting now.

    If you're just connecting with a 4100 Modem then I would say replace that modem. So which SBC DSL Modem to you have?
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    NO problem with router

    I am using a wireless SBC Yahoo router.... but the problem should not be with the router. There is an icon saying i am connected, and I am receiving packets. However, the internet doesn't work, and when I try to ping, it doesn't work either . Just wanted to clarify this............. :(
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    Did your SBC connection ever work with your desktop? I wondered if some recant change had been made that may be causing your desktop to not completely communicate with that modem. If you have never downloaded the SBC installation disk, do that.
  5. dvdhsu

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    Worked Before-Maybe Internet Download Manager

    It has worked before. I used bitorent to download some torrents-most notably some antivirus-Norton Internet Security2008. This might have caused it.... but I also installed Internet Download Manager about a day before it stopped working, so maybe it caused it. However, I have uninstalled both of these programs, but the internet still doesn't work.
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