Internet connection problems

By djElien
Jun 19, 2009
  1. Hi all, sweet site

    So last night im on the internet and it wont let me send anything or recieve anything, but i was still able to surf the net. I tried web camming with my friend from morroco but it wouldnt allow us to connect to each other. So i tried restarting the connection and then my pc, after that all of a sudden my pc wouldnt connect to the internet. Now here in south africa we have a cap liimit(certain amount of data per month) avail;able for download then they cap you to local usage.Cant surff international sites or games or anything. SO i thought it was that, but now my brothers computer(th computer i am using right now IS OBVIOUSLY CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET). I am using ADSL 386kb/s

    My laptop is a HP dv6000

    any help MUCH appreciated
  2. ComputerGuy55

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    Ok well, check the easy steps first:

    Did you recently install a Firewall? Change a setting or add software? Anything that you recently changed please post and we can idenitify if it is causeing a problem.

    Some other things could be: If your using wireless, make sure the little switch that turns it On and Off is set to on, or try connecting by an ethernet cord. If you have tried the cord and it is still not working, check router settings (through your brothers computer) To check if your computer is being denied access to the usage of the router.

    You could have also aquired a virus, there is a useful tool called SmitFraudFix (located here: Direct download here: Some virus's stop your access to the internet, and SmitFraudFix can fix these issues. Place the download on your desktop, turn off the computer, restart it, as its starting up, start hitting F8 till you get a screen saying you can start in Safe Mode With Networking. Do that then run the smitfraudfix, do option 2, your background will disappear because it turns off all processes, trying to stop anything from SmitFraudFix from doing its job) After that, get mbam and superantispyware, both located on the forums here( ) Or you can just follow that guide completely, but just so you know if its virus's or not. Anyways, try those things.
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