Internet disconnecting only when downloading

By sidewayzsocks
Jul 22, 2016
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  1. New to posting on forums so sorry if I dont give all necessary info on the first post.

    been searching online for a while to find a fix. Ive seen a few posts here and there with the same issue but none of the fixes have helped.

    Internet works totally fine for surfing, streaming videos of high quality, gaming, skype/voice chatting. But when downloading any files, be it small or large, the internet to my PC alone gets disrupted periodically, to the point that it is a trial on the patience to download any files. the modem/router and all other signals show the internet running fine. all other equipment utilizing the internet runs perfectly fine as well. the only signal I get that shows there is an issue is that little yellow triangle on the taskbar.

    I am running on wifi but have tried a corded connection to see if it would fix or at least improve the issue but no difference was made
    running windows 7

    things I've tried to fix/change:
    turning it off and then turning it back on
    new networking card
    new router
    new modem
    resetting all hardware
    firewall settings (both windows and antivirus)
    disabling firewalls.
    changing downloading speeds
    disabling all background programs using any bandwidth
    turning off all other devices connecting to the internet besides the pc im using.
    disabling all torrent software.
    reinstall windows
    updated all software
    uninstall/reinstall related software
    flushing dns along with a plethora of other cmd commands
    disable/enabling ipv6
    disable/enabling bandwidth management softwares
    changing router channels

    any help appreciated and thank you in advance.

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