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By Clohre
Feb 12, 2006
  1. Okay, I am on my other computer because my internet just spontaneously stopped working. I have a MSI K8N Ne2-F w/ a Marvell betwork Controller. The computer just stopped sending and recieving network packets. My network connections say that Local Area Network connection is on and connected yet I can not browse the net.

    Attempting to use the repair fails becasue it can not find an IP adress. I attempt to Disable the Connection and it hangs and if it doesn't takes over 5 minutes to disable. When I try reenabling it it says "connection failed". Device manager says it there and the driver's are all updated and it was working fine until a upto an hour ago when it just stopped.

    Any help with this would be appreciated as I am pulling my hair out over this.
  2. N3051M

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    need to have a bit more info:
    are you sharing through 1 computer to many ie: internet connection sharing or via a router or just one at a time?

    this should fix the problem, under what type of computer:
    This computer is the main way to the internet for the network
    1 goto network connections
    2 right click the LAN connection and go properties
    3 scroll down in the general seciton for Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), click that and go properties
    4 click on Use the following IP address
    5. Enter IP address, subnet mask
    6. press enter. let it settle in for a bit
    7. other computers do the above steps, exept in step 5 give it a different number at the end eg: etc..

    Computer that connects to the gateway for internet access
    like above exept swap steps 7 with 5.

    Computers going to routers: check cableing and router settings.
  3. tipstir

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    Go into the device manager and remove the drivers for this network controller and reboot the PC. If you still have trouble go into safe mode and completely remove the driver.

    Next goto MSI and download the right driver for you NIC controller based on your MOBO (motherboard) I know you can use MSI live update, but I rather go to their site and just pull the right drivers off.

    Sounds like the drivers got corrupted. Once you do the above from the other PC on your network try:

    ping [computer name] of the other pc
  4. Druegan

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    Also, if you're behind a router..

    1, turn the router off and then back on.. On our home LAN the router's DHCP server "sticks" from time to time.. this usually fixes it.

    2, if that still doesn't work, and you're using DHCP.. go to the Start menu, then click on run, and type "command" and hit enter. Should bring you up a DOS prompt window.

    at the prompt, type "ipconfig /release" and hit enter.
    next, type "ipconfig /renew" and hit enter. If you don't get any error messages on this, you should be good to go.
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