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Feb 1, 2014
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  1. I have the router of my isp and to have an extended range of the wifi we bought a new router which has a bigger range of its wifi now my brother is connected to this router and the other router is connected into mine which means it is taking the bandwidth of my router now the problem that im having is that when my brother seems to be uploading a photo or School stuff onto the internet my internet keeps disconnecting and lagging which probably means that his uploading is literately draining all mine up and im left with nothing isnt there a way to fix this or to cap the upload speed/download
  2. St1ckM4n

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    QoS settings on the main router.
  3. tipstir

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    What OS are you all running on these PCs. If you have Windows 8/8.1 Pro?
    To check: open control panel, on the far left top there is space to search and type: edit
    Scroll down to Administrator Tools: See picture below.
    By default Windows OS Qos = 20 So you would edit that to higher number. Lower number like zero would open up the PC to full. Only do this method if your router of the ISP doesn't show QoS option.
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  4. TechGamer

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    ty for further detail I will try this out
  5. tipstir

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    Best to set it at the source of the problem. Laptop in question. Set it to 80 or higher. Then on yours set it to zero.

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