Irratic Pc Behavour! (Need Help)

By jackoire ยท 5 replies
Apr 7, 2007
  1. The problems started when i accidently done automatic updates with a illegal copy of Xp. (Slip of a finger :dead: )

    My OS was validated and found to be illegal.
    A few minutes later my comp restarted and i couldnt get into Xp home edition.
    I formated my drive and installed Xp home edition again and everything seemed fine until i tryed installing my graphics card(s) neither worked.I tryed it over and over,getting blue screens of death and fatal error messages to do with memory.I got the drivers on once or twice but they wouldnt work just crash after Xp load screen.I tryed solving prob in safe mode and tryed last known good config.
    All other drivers installed. So i tryed repair my copy of Xp got everything working for a while then in-game comp crashed and game me a memory error.
    So then i tryed Xp pro and i got the same problems also.Safe mode is the only mode that i can access at the moment.

    Anyone know why comp is crashing only when i try use my graphics card?
    Someone must know how to sort the prob!!!
  2. Deathhawk

    Deathhawk TS Rookie Posts: 68

    have you installed the motherboard drivers?

    You will need the chipset driver either of a disc or off the mobo makes website-then you can go about installing the graphics card driver
  3. Prophet7

    Prophet7 TS Rookie

    What is the specific Memory Error?

    If you have any sort of memory errors, try this:

    Go to free download, and download "ISO images suitable for creating a bootable Memtest86 CD-ROM"
    Burn this to disc, and then boot from the CD. TEST for at least 3 Hours, but for a complete test I would do more than 10 Hrs, as I have seen small problems crop up at even this long into testing.

    Note: To do this you need to configure your computer to "Boot from CD" in the BIOS (See your Motherboard Manufacturer's Documentation on how to enter the BIOS/Setup) CAUTION: Do not change any other settings in the BIOS, this could make your system unstable or unusable.

    If you get any errors, some or all of your RAM may be failing/damaged. (You may need to test your DIMM's (RAM Sticks) individually.)
  4. Prophet7

    Prophet7 TS Rookie

    Did you have any luck sorting your problem jackoire?
  5. almcneil

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    What you need to do is go to a local comp store and by an XP Product Kit. It includes a valid Product Key and installation CD. It's about $125 for XP Home (depending on where you live.)

    First, your copy was NOT validated! it failed validation and you are prevented from downloading updates. Re-installing without a valid Product Key just results in the same thing.

    BTW, it's spelled "erractic"! (I'm a perfectionist!)
  6. Didou

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    & on that note, this thread is closed. You didn't buy Windows, you won't get any support.
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