IS cinematic computing with FX really possible???

By Amitad
Feb 22, 2004
  1. Hi,
    When u guys say that FX Cards graphics performance are not good enough(the quality vs performance setting is nothing spectacular, especially when NVidia is promotnig these cards as cinematic computing ) do u mean to say that the graphics of these cards are not good when compared with similar ATI cards or with previous NVIdia cards?.
    I have GF 2 MX 400 and I personally think that the graphics of this card are very GOOD.(just that this card does not support more advanced feat).
    I am upgrading to FX 5600 and a friend wanted to go in for FX 5200(he is low on cash).He wanted to know if this card is good for previous gen games and to some extend next gen games?
    what sort of frame rates can he expect from POP-SOT with FX 5200??
    This is a long post but if u can pls ans all the q posted.
  2. PreservedSwine

    PreservedSwine TS Rookie Posts: 325

    A Ti4200 is better than both an FX5200 and FX5600...

    The "Cinematic Rendering" you hear is marketing worthless drivel from salesmen...they've been singing "realistic graphics" with every new card they have ever released for years...

    The previous generation Nvidia products are stellar, the current generation, FX5600 and below, are craptastic...

    The FX5700Ultra is a nice card, but pricey, better alernatives from ATI, while the FX5900 was a good deal, it recently underwent a price increase, making it about the same price an an ATI R9800PRO (R9800Pro is a more robust card..but they are comparable)

    The cards you and your friend are looking at, the FX5600 (is it an "Ultra" or "non-ultra?") and FX5200 are not really an upgrade from the previous generation..the Ti4200 is about the same performance wise as an FX5600ULTRA, and *much* cheaper...

    The FX models boast DX9 capability, but what they don't tell you is that they actually revert to DX8 extensions during gaming...the cards simply lack the horsepower to run DX9 in a gaming environment...

    I'd suggest you skip the FX5600, and grab a Ti4200, save a few bucks, and enjoy..The Ti4200 is still a great card, and a great value:grinthumb
  3. MrGaribaldi

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    From what I've heard about the 5600 Non-ultra, it isn't too bad for the price you pay for it...
    But I havent' read any reviews of it so I can't say for sure...

    The FX5200 is a step back from the GF4 440 MX, which was known as a bad performer, so I really wouldn't advice anyone to buy that...!

    As far as cinematic computing goes, Nvidia started talking about that around the GF3... Yes, it can produce Toy Story in real time, but nowhere near as detailed or good looking as the original movie...
    If you give it a couple of more years we might have reached the point, but we're not there yet.

    My guess is that Nvidia had allready planned the PR for the NV30 (GF FX series) before ATI launched their cards. Had ATI not created such a good card in the Radeon 9x00 series, Nvidia would have been able to claim cinematic computing, but not at anywhere near realtime rendering.
    But as it was, their entire lineup was creamed by ATI, so the cinematic computing PR became just a big joke....

    My advice is read some reviews of the FX5600, and check the price compared to the GF4 ti4200... And maybe see if there's a Radeon 9600 within your price-range..
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