Is it my video card?

By Jess123
Nov 26, 2005
  1. I've had my computer for a few years now (3-4) and I play games regularly. I was in the middle of a game and all of a sudden my screen froze and went entirely pink/orange in color. There were squares all over. I couldn't do anythink so I had to shut my comp down from the tower. After waiting a few minutes, I turned my comp back on. However, when I turned it on I didn't hear so much noise (comp starting up sounds). My monitor stayed blank (orange light to indicate it was on) and it didn't boot up to anything. I checked to make sure everything was plugged in securely, and it was. I also took my tower and plugged it into another monitor and still the same result. The tower is on but nothing boots. I'm not a computer whiz so I really can't tell you any specs.

    But can anyone give me some advice?
  2. Vigilante

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    You say the tower doesn't make the normal "noise" it usually makes? Hmm. And you tried another monitor? Something must be haywire on the insides. The video card would certainly be my first choice to troubleshoot. Then probably RAM. But due to lack of POST, I hope your CPU or motherboard didn't go bye bye.

    The simplest test would be to take the cover off your PC so you can see the insides. Then blow out the dust with canned air or even a compressor at about 40-50 psi.

    Next locate your video card, just look where your monitor plugs in and you should see the card on the inside. Unplug this card and reseat it. If you video is NOT a card, but is built onto the motherboard, then we could have a problem.
    If you think you are handy enough, discharge your static to the metal of the case, and reseat the other components in the motherboard. Namely any other "cards" and the RAM. Then check the various power and ribbon cables. Or ALL cables for that matter, so that nothing is loosely plugged in.

    If none of that does anything, the next step is going to be a process of elimination. We'll have to start unplugging things and pulling them out one by one. Then after that, we'll have to swap parts and get known-good ones to try.

    Hope that gets you somewhere. And welcome to Techspot!
  3. DIG_G3r

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    Check your HDD Data cables. Got a mate whose PC refused to boot and all it was, was the HDD data cable had died. Don't ask me how?
    Check the simple things first. :)
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