Is it my Video Card?

By zee3b ยท 5 replies
Jul 10, 2007
  1. Hey guys!
    Im having some weird problems. F.E.A.R a MP game was running fine on my pc but today when i started my pc and played the game it went all stuttery the graphics look all messed up and my play is not smooth anymore i uninstalled the game.. installed it back.. it didnt fix then i uninstalled my graphic card and did the drivers again.. but still it didnt fix it. Is it my Graphic Card which might be the cause or something else which i dont know about.
    My Graphic card is ATI X1950 256 ddr3
  2. beef_jerky4104

    beef_jerky4104 Banned Posts: 822

    Did you use the newest drivers? Also your card is not a bad card it shouldn't be messing up.
  3. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    Well, I must ask the obvious.. Have you installed any other programs added any other hardware between the time it was working perfectly and the time it started flaking out?
  4. zee3b

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    1. Yes i updated my drivers and it was still there.

    2. No i didnt install anything or made any changed to hardware, i had this problem like 2 months ago but it went away i dont remeber how.

    And i pinged google 100 times i had 0 packet loss means my nets working fine too, im all confused.
  5. pdyckman@comcas

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    Check your PSU by temporarily using another. I noticed that the ATI X1950 Pro requires a 450 watt psu with at least 30 amps on the 12volt rail. That's a lot of amperage required. If the 12v section of you psu is being a little too taxed, this sort of thing can happen. I would check the cpu (and fan) for proper seating and cooling. It wouldn't hurt to use a known good ram module, leaving your module(s) out. Overheated your machine lately? Process of elimation, you know. Good Luck.
  6. zee3b

    zee3b TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    Thanks for lookin into my problem.
    Well i have a 500 watt psu and yea Ati X1950 requires 450 watts.
    I thought it might be happening because of overheating so i opened the case and left it open and its pretty cold in my room due to the air conditioner.. even after waking up when i turned on my pc and started playing it was like that, i dont know.. whats wrong.. maybe some drivers or.. eh.... i just dont know what to do... hey can it be my harddrive.... and yea every other thing on my pc runs fine....the last thing i remember doing when it started happening is ... i was scanning ranges for socks 5 and had to patch my number of sockets to 100000 instead of 10 or 50... but then i turned it back to see if that was the problem.. but na didnt workout.
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