Is my graphics card broken?

Hi guys,

I recently got home from a 2 week holiday, powered my pc on...everything was fine. However the next day my monitors both have no signal (I have a dual split screen setup). The PC seems to be working fine, I can hear the Windows startup chime but no signal to either screen, no bios or anything. Monitors just blinking with no signal. Is my GPU broken? It was a top of the line Radeon GPU a couple years ago. I would like to hear your opinions before I splash the cash on another high end GPU.

Cheers :)


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First things to check are the cable connections - reseat them and see if there is a change. Other possibility is bad cables, but unlikely both would fail at the same time. Reseat the card, try in different PCIe slot, make sure it's getting adequate power.

Is the card still under warranty? Depending on the manufacturer you might catch a break and have had like a 3 year warranty.
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Thanks..I will check the warranty and test the card in a new slot... If I do need to buy a new GPU, any suggestions of which one I should get? Willing to spend for high end card since I do a lot of graphic intensive work.



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You could go in to the bios turn of your card and just try the in-build graphics on one monitor and see what happens !