Is my motherboard dead? POSTing 1/30 trys

By Cloudfisher
Dec 7, 2010
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  1. Ill start from the very begining since im not sure what has relevance and what doesnt.

    I was watching a youtube video and it just restarted, continued to do this every 10 mins but quickly changed to 3-4 seconds after boot starting. Eventually got on onscreen error about battery voltage being low, pressed on the battery and issue seemed to go away. Then about on hour later it started restarting again, this time about every 20 seconds, just enough time to get to desktop and thought this was due to faulty powersaving extention. Removed that and fine up until yesterday.

    Computer was in use up until about 10, then went to bed. Accidentally left comp on and at about 1 it woke me up, CPU fan was speeding up to 100% 2-3 seconds then stoping for a second, repeated this 4 times before i managed to turn it off.

    Now it rarely post's, occasionally starts to boot then restarts and back to nothing. Once got the battery voltage warning again, replaced that and nothing. Once had it say windows was failing to pass a specific checkpoint, didnt have chance to note it down before restart. Removed all components other than motherboard and psu and still no posting, added one component at a time and nothing.

    Im assuming the motherboard has seen its last day but its the occasional boot thats throwing me off, is there anything else it can be? I have no replacment parts or computers to check whats working and what isnt.

    Anything else i can try just to find whats gone down so i can replace it?

    Thanks in advance

    Edit: Its a dell dimension 5150 with replaced corsair DDR2 4gb RAM and Radeon HD4670

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