Is the motherboard dead?

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Nov 10, 2009
  1. Hello everyone, my dell xps 1530 laptop is not working, i dont know what happens
    when i shut down the laptop it updates and when i turned it on after 3 hours it shows me a blank screen. The fan is working and the disk drive is fine as well but its not booting i think there is no POST... I already try to remove the battery and use the adapter, nothing happens. i hold the power button for 30 seconds and 1 minute and no progress. I was wondering maybe my board is dead due to overheated because, i was playing games too long. I contact dell and i got no answers from them they want me to charge $49.00 for talking with them over the phone before proceeding to diagnose. Im using intel core 2 duo 2.4 mghz, 3gb ram, 256 nvidia M 5600GT..
    I dont wanna buy a new one coz i spent $1600 on this laptop. Hopefully i got helped on this matter.
    Thank You...
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  3. kunzu

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    Thanks for your reply kims, I haven't resolve yet the problem I've tried to remove the ram and put it back the same for the hard drive but nothing happens. i wonder if i can take a look for the motherboard to locate the thing you said the cmos but im afraid to open it, i havent done this before even to assemble a pc I dont know such things..

    Maybe im gonna buy a new laptop at a lower price or buy a desktop.

    Thank you
  4. kimsland

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    That "thing" I mentioned about the internal CMOS battery disconnection is only meant for Desktops, so don't worry on laptops (since it can be soldered in)
    But, if possible try to blow out any internal dust
    I do this by removing the Keyboard, (all power out) then blowing out any/all dust near the CPU and element (ok everywhere) using a high compressed air can (these air cans can be purchased at most leading electronic/computer repair stores)
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    I'm pretty sure your graphics card is actually an 8600 - this is prone to failure and probably why your screen no longer comes on - assuming it is otherwise passing the POST sequence.

    I'm not sure what Dell's stance is on repairing machines with a faulty graphics card.
  6. kunzu

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    Yes my graphic card is 8600 and my laptop is getting worst now because the fan will only spin in a few second unlike before the fan is working even if got a blank screen on my laptop. some people say just remove the keyboard and use a compressed air can.
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