Issues Booting Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

By LoneSword
May 10, 2016
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  1. So my roommate's phone seems to have died, of a sort.

    When the phone boots, it shows the "Samsung Galaxy Core Prime" screen, then goes to the carrier screen and proceeds to freeze, vibrating once every ten seconds. I know that this means the OS has been corrupted and is unable to properly boot. I did a few searches, discovered that the BIOS menu (or whatever it technically is) could be accessed by holding down Volume Down + Home + Power, and I had seen that the Factory Reset option was available.

    That being said, however, as I was waiting for my roommate to come home from work before I just decided to up and wipe his phone, I was tinkering with the menu and saw one of the "Apply Update" options, and I had pressed it, not thinking anything of it - if there was an update, maybe it would fix things. But if no update could be received and applied, then the operation would just abort, right?

    Roommate comes home, I ask him if he'd like me to wipe the phone, he agrees, and I proceed. But when I hold Volume Down + Home + Power, it instead brings up a turquoise warning screen telling me that installing a custom OS can blow up the phone, but if I want to proceed, carry on. What? Pressing Volume Up takes me to "Downloading...Do not turn off target" with "ODIN MODE" text up in the corner, where it proceeds to seemingly download nothing for days, and pressing Volume Down just reboots the phone, and no amount of pressing Volume Down + Home + Power will get me back to the BIOS - all I get is this warning screen.

    I have scoured the web for some kind of solution, but I'm met with nothing but confused users and rootkit sites, who all have solutions that don't meet my problems. I know the Volume Down button isn't stuck. Volume Up + Home + Power doesn't do anything at all on this model. And I do not yet understand rooting and ROMs and flashing drivers, and I don't dare to try because any rooting tutorial site I encounter appears to have "SHADY" written all over it and wants me to download things.

    So I come here, to TechSpot, where I receive real answers. All I need to do is get back into the BIOS and activate the Factory Reset option. Can anyone help me?

    Thanks so much in advance!
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  3. LoneSword

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    See, that's the confusing part. I've seen this Volume Up + Home + Power thing all over the place, but nothing happens when I do it, and pressing Volume Down instead is how I accessed the reset option originally. Strange.

    But at any rate, now that I know XDA is a good source, I'll check that out. Thanks for the tip!

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