Issues with Dual cores running slow

By Klytus ยท 4 replies
Jun 20, 2008
  1. Our company has recently been deploying the Dell Latitude D630 laptops with the T7500 chip (2.2 GHz). We have had a large number of users complain that these things actually run some applications *much slower* than older laptops.

    I've not yet heard back from the Dell engineers about it, but most of us are convinced that this particular dual-core chip doesn't seem to run well with older applications like MS Excel 2003 or Lotus Notes 7.0.3. The previous D630s with the T7300 chip running at 2.0 GHz do NOT seem to have this issue.

    Does anyone know of a fix for this specific chip? Or for this issue in general?

    Thanks in advance - I always get such great feedback on this board :)
  2. mailpup

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    I don't know the answer to your question but you should include operating system information on the new and old laptops for better feedback.
  3. Klytus

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    Apologies. All laptops are running Windows XP Professional SP2, though some of the newer ones have SP3. The newest of the new ones have a -clean- install of SP3 (Installed Windows XP then the SP3 patch).
  4. Andreole

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    Klytus....I have a new, dual-core, Dell Latitude D430 that I was given from work. It's running Windows XP Professional, SP3. Lotus Notes 7.0.3 runs excruciatingly slow. Did you ever get your problem resolved. Does anyone else have any suggestions as to ways to improve Notes' performance? The Interet zips, it's just Lotus Notes that running as slow as molasses on the new laptop.
  5. Klytus

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    Never got any feedback in here on the issue, but at work, we're pretty sure the issue is related to Lotus Notes itself. We've noticed that with the people having the problem, either Notes isn't set up right, or they access things other than e-mail through Notes, like data bases. Also, folks who never archive and/or have a larger-than-normal allowance in the size of their mailfile experience the issue of Notes running slowly because of that.

    I can only do so much in here - you might need to contact your Notes admins to help check your settings.
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