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Issues with RealTek & Recording

By Krazie
Jun 18, 2007
  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone can help me out with my issue.

    When using any recording software (Cubase, Pro Tools, Audition, etc.) The armed/recording picks up any audio playing that is on the computer. At first I though it was just the programs, but when I went to see if i could record by using an external method to play the beat (through Windows Media Player) it still picked up the music along with my vocals. So when this happened I knew it had something to do with the playback on the pc. This isnt a headphone issue btw or anything like that, becasue it picks up the music at the exact same quality as it is played. Can someone help me out Please.

    I dosent matter what specs I have because it isnt a perfromance issue.
    EDIT: other than that I have a RealTek Sound Card
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