It needs multiple restart to start win 98

By rjkworld
Nov 4, 2005
  1. Please help me,
    I am using p4 1.5, DFI m/b i845, asus Geforce 2 mx graphics card,
    17 " monitor,256 mb pc 133 sdram

    Everything was OK untill i saw currupted bootup screen,
    which sometimes shows "out of synch." or just hangs when testing RAM,
    after 1st restart OS choice menu appears, now it hangs during desktop icon display. Now again restart and now it works, untill I play a 3d game which uses directdraw feature.
    On win xp , during 3d game, it hangs after sometime ( from 1 sec to 2 hrs, anytime) and start memory dumping with blue screen.
    After restart it tells it is due to NV4.dll

    Are my m/b capacitors are fired?
    Or its RAM ?
    Graphics card is working fine on other PC,
    Once PC refuges to boot and only HDD, fan are running , no monitor display or Beeps. Engg changes RAM from one slot to another and again My pc start with above problem. Last stage of this problem is this, no monitor output.
    In xp before hanging, it shows currupt display and in nest sec. it hangs to death, no k/b, mouse works.
    Power supply is OK and No driver issue as problem starts from Boot up and only when cold start. After reset, problem comes only with 3d games.
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