iTunes not recognizing Burner

By whtddusy516
May 14, 2007
  1. I tried googling this but all I could find was for Macs, or it just didnt fit what I was looking for. I have an asus CD/DVD burner [can't remember the exact model] and I've had it in two computers before. Both times, it worked fine. I recently did a wipe of my HD and did a fresh install of XP Pro, and now iTunes is not recognizing my burner. I get a "Disc burner or software not found" message. I would test this with another program but I don't have any to test with haha. iTunes had no problem with this drive before, and I don't remember having anything else but iTunes installed that dealt with burning [maybe Media Player at the max]

    Any help would be great, this isn't really a huge problem to me just in case I ever need to burn something [which is very rare haha].

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