Itunes Sound Problem

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Nov 1, 2007
  1. When i go on Itunes it will not play any songs, theres no sound and the music bar doesnt move which tells you how long through the song you are, My music still works on Windows Media Player and any other piece of software or game that needs sound, but i really want itunes to work becuase i want to listen to the radio.
    If it is possible i would like to keep this installation because it took me a full day to get my music arranged into Playlists and sorted the way i want but if it isnt possible to get it working any other way please tell me if i should reinstall it or not, but id prefer not to LOL
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    Two new ones from Old York in one day = amazing!
    Go into control panel > sounds and make sure that you do not have any function 'muted' which would stop the sound working. It might be a problem with ITunes - there is another similar program called YAMIPOD which you could try as well.
    Download it at
  3. 1bellb

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    Ye thanks i will try that download, But i wont try the control pannel thing because my sound works in all my other programs so theres nothing in there that would stop the sound from working in just one program
    But thanks
  4. EDollar

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    Also have updated recently? You can also copy the playlists and info you have then reinstall Itunes, and drop the playlist files back into the folder where you found them
  5. 1bellb

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    No i havnt updated but i download the latest from the apple website about 1 week ago because im on a new computer, but i have tried copying the playlist info from the my music folder before but it never comes back, it just stays empty,
    But ill try to get an update and see if that works
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