Keeps restarting after windows logo and can't boot from cd

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Jun 4, 2008
  1. Good morning everyone,
    I have a serious problem my computer it keeps restarting after it passes the windows logo screen. It does this every time it restarts over and over. I put in the windows XP Cd to boot from the CD Drive but it shows nothing that i can boot from the cd. I went into the bios and check to see if it was set the boot from cd 1st and it was already set there. I have noticed that every time it restart i hear this hard noise from the hard drive when it restarts. Can anyone help me solve this problem please? Thankz
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    You hear clunking? This means the HDD is on it's way out your door (bad) Why are you using a Windows XP CD to bootup XP? Take the CD out and let the PC boot as normal. What boots first is using a CD it doesn't mean you put a CD in for XP to bootup. If XP can't boot from the HDD then it's corrupted. Try going into safe mode by pressing F8. If you can get into safe mode. Then go into the folder under C:\Document and Settings look for the name you use to login to the PC that is giving you and issue? Rename that login name now. Reboot the PC Windows will recreate the prior login name.

    You can go back to the prior rename and use the files you need to restore to the new login profile.

    If you still have issues than the HDD is gone or Windows XP is so corrupted the OS is hosed... You now can use those CDs you have for XP to re-install it from scratch. If the HDD is bad then you'll need to go and buy a new HDD, format and install a fresh copy of XP.
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    when i meant by boot up cd i meant when i put in the xp cd to go and reapir xp the BOOT TO THE CD don't appear on the screen when i restart the computer
  4. tipstir

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    The problem doing that is if you have installed programs added drivers changed the XP experience prior to installing it then repair never quite works out.

    If the CD doesn't appear then it's either CD, CD device unit one of the two is bad. Check the CD for scratches or try cleaning out the dust in the CD device unit. If you still have problems then replace the CD media or CD unit.
  5. bonecollector1

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    It was memory that went bad i had to change it
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