Keyboard / Mouse Keyboard causing computer to freeze on boot


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When I boot my computer goes past the first screen, bios. Then it goes to a black screen with a blinking under score in the top left corner. I googled and saw all sorts of recommendations. The first one from windows 7 staff tells a customer to buy a new hard drive. But I decided to try the simple thing first, unplugging all my USB devices. And it worked. Through trial and error I found out it is the keyboard. It work fine if I plug it in after boot. I switched the usb slot the keyboard is plugged into and it still happens.

How do I solve this other then getting a new keyboard? Why does this happen? Could this possibly be the reason my computer is getting hotter then normal?


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Your keyboard or cord could be damaged and sending constant signals to the PC. Try with another keyboard to see if that's the problem.


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It appears my far right insert key was stuck, seems like that was the culprit. I'm gonna reboot once more to make sure.

Yep that was it, took it out it keeps sticking. doh!