Keyboard going crazy after spilling my drink

Hi e1! my keyboard is going crazy, I spilled my drink and hitted the arrow keys by accident, they started to work backwords so I tried fixing them by removing the buttons and cleaning underneath.
But once I replaced the buttons the whole keyboard started to work funny, certain keys dont work and others are running randomly... Please HELP!!!
Thank you.
PS: I have a HP pavillion g series laptop.
Sorry for my bad english.


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Your keyboard may still have some moisture. How much time have you allowed for it to dry out? I've heard that a blow dryer at the lowest possible setting will sometimes do the trick in the case of moisture, but it'd take a while and you would have to be very careful as too much heat will damage the electronics. I'm not too sure about this fix, though. Taking a blow dryer to a laptop does sound a bit risky. How did you clean your keyboard? Did you use any cleaning fluids?

I don't mean to get you down, but since it's a laptop we're talking about here -- and granting that you've allowed it ample time to dry out , then I think you will probably need to have the keyboard replaced. Do not let that stop you from doing further research on a possible remedy, though.
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It was off for about 2 hours before I turned it on again. Then I just took out the arrow buttons and cleaned the space underneath with normal paper (no fluids). I was doing more reasearch when a new problem came out....the mousepad starting to work funny.
So I was wondering if changing the keyboard will repair mousepad also.
I'm glad if you could give me an answer to this one as well. That'll be great.
Thanks in advance.


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I can't say for sure that replacing the keyboard will help anything at this point, really. I was just suggesting a possible fix. Having said that, I should add that it can take much, much longer than two hours for moisture to dry from a laptop's interior. Allowing a wet laptop to dry out while turned upside down overnight isn't too far-fetched an idea at all. But that is provided that there was no damage to the circuitry. How much liquid would you say spilled on your laptop?

I'm hoping you were able to shut down and turn your laptop upside down before the liquid moved deeper into the machine. Electricity and liquids make for a problematic combination, of course. Liquids can damage powered circuits instantaneously. That can in turn lead to a chain of serious problems.

It is thus imperative that you quickly remove power and pull out the battery when a spill occurs -- literally within seconds of the liquid making contact with your laptop. You can then clean all those parts of the spill that you can get to with paper towels or some other absorbent material before moving onto disassembling the case.

If, like me, you are unfamiliar with electronics, then I suggest that you have a professional look at your laptop if the problem persists. I really hope you can get around this with a quick fix and that you don't have to spend anything at all to get your machine running properly again.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help to you, Deg_89.


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but it'd take a while and you would have to be very careful as too much heat will damage the electronics.
You'd likely melt the plastic keys before you would damage the electronics.

Electronics go through extreme heat when components are added to the PCB. And sometimes baking the PCB, will fix stress fractures in the solder joints. While I wouldn't suggest putting a keyboard in the oven, someone mentioned it works real well for drying out an iPhone. As long as you don't get hot enough to melt the plastic, I see no harm in using heat to dry out the keyboard.

Dawn1113 is right though, it will take much longer than 2 hours to completely dry out.
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Okay, today I turned on my laptop after a long night. Thank God the mousepad is working fine. But still few keys are not workin such as arrows, right shift button, up and down pages and delete.
I found a way link on youtube that explain how to remove keyboard on my laptop. So easily that conviced me straight away.
I think I will find a new keyboard for a few amount of money!!!

Said that I want to help you guys and this forum, Thank you very much this was very helpful!!
Good-bye G :D
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It was a cup of tea.....but I swear only a couple drops went on the keyboard...


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It was a cup of tea.....but I swear only a couple drops went on the keyboard...
Ok, my reason for asking is ,in this case, if it had sugar in it that could/would cause stickiness. But if you're going to replace the keyboard, I'll hope none got into it deeper.
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I dropped the juice on the laptop and turned it off quickly and I also turned it upside down and cleaned the laptop I did dried it sun light firstly I turned on the laptop and speakers were not working then I again put it in sunlight and after 20 min turned it on speaker was then working properly but headphone were not working properly and did the same thing that putting the laptop in sunlight then again and turned it on again headphone did work but some keys like shift both of them left and right enter key backspace key capslock key didnot work plz guys anyhelp