KFC and Xbox team up for this hideous XBSX controller


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WTF?! Are you planning to buy an Xbox Series X? Do you have a love for KFC that borders on the terrifying? Then why not combine the two with an XBSX controller that pays homage to the popular fast-food giant.

The unlikely-sounding accessory is the result of a partnership between Xbox and KFC in the UK (as reported by Tom’s Hardware). The fried chicken restaurant chain is giving away an Xbox Series X console every day to lucky participants in the country.

The runner-up prize, or possibly the punishment, is a KFC-themed controller that’s so garishly awful, ‘winners’ will likely paint over the thing. It must have taken some misplaced hubris on KFC’s part to believe people would look at the words “finger clickin’ good” without feeling nauseated.

Winning a free Xbox Series X does sound good, though. The competition, running now up until November 15, requires signing up for the KFC rewards app and opting-in. Once that’s done, it’s simply a matter of buying a box meal and entering the code on the box or scanning the receipt.

Tom’s notes that this isn’t the only food outlet giving away next-gen consoles. In the US, Burger King is offering customers the chance to win a PlayStation 5, while Taco Bell is running its own Xbox Series X competition. Neither is pushing vomit-inducing themed controllers onto people, thankfully.

KFC has been behind Special Edition devices in the past. In 2017, it partnered with Huawei to release a limited edition version of the Enjoy 7 Plus that celebrated the 30th anniversary of the company’s arrival in China. Unlike the XBSX controller, however, that one didn’t cause blindness when you looked at it for too long.

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Things that the words in the bottom left MIGHT be saying:

1.) Finger Clickin' Good
2.) Finger Suckin' Good
3.) Finger Cuckin' Good

They're all disturbing. These controllers are 100% guaranteed to get greasy.


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This idea is worth featuring in South Park, for Randy Marsh teaching kids how to pull an old chicken out of a gaming controller, in case you're hungry.

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If you're eating at KFC, you already have no taste - so they're really just playing to their base here with the controller design.
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KFC has a strange relationship with gaming. The dating sim game they made, the VR training game.......all strange stuff....lol. This weird controller is probably the most normal thing they've ever done in gaming.


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Actually is so bad - it's good .
Sometimes we need some tackiness
Think I had KFC a year ago.- was good when young on the way home from the pub to absorb some of the alcohol
As some alluded to their base. Here in NZ maybe 15 years ago - they advertised healthy options - complete flop - Then they went the other other way -throwing in snicker bars - extra sugar laden drinks etc - was much more successful