Build a PC Kingston usb flash drive problem

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Hello to all members of TechSpot!
Now i shall state my problem i hope u can help me.
I have a Kingston Datatraveler 2.0 DTI-512 usb flash drive. When i insert it and open it then this msg comes,"Please insert disc into drive H:". Then someone told me to download HP formatting utility. then i downloaded it and tried to format my usb with it. When i started formatting after two seconds it replies,"Device media is write-protected" and it stops formatting. I dont know what 2 do now? There4 plz help me. I shall be very thankful 2 u.


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You didn't in indicate whether you just bought this or if it failed after some use. Neither did you indicate your operating system.

If using anything newer than Win98, you don't need a driver installed BUT you should have the latest Service Pack installed.

If XP, try running an sfc /scannow to refresh the Windows files.

You can also try uninstalling ALL USB ports in Device Manager and rebooting to have them re-detected 'fresh'.
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