Kohl's is canceling PlayStation 5 orders because they sold too many

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In context: PlayStation 5 consoles are challenging to find. Sure, you can snag one on eBay for an exorbitant price and help support your favorite scalper. However, finding one at a store for the retail price, either online or locally, is next to impossible, and if you are lucky, you might not even get to keep your score.

Gaming blog Push Square notes that over the weekend, Kohl's unexpectedly began offering PlayStation 5 bundles. The packaged deal included the console, an extra DualSense controller, and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales for $640 (pictured below). Don't bother going to look, however. It's already sold-out.

Kohl's stock sold so fast that the store ended up overselling its allotment and is now canceling some customers' orders. It is unclear why the company did not have a limit set up on its website to prevent out-of-stock sales. However, several customers on Reddit and Twitter were able to confirm Kohl's faux pas. Many said that they were canceled only hours after receiving confirmation emails from Kohl's fulfillment center.

As a concession for the inconvenience, Kohl's is allowing customers to keep any Kohl's cash they may have earned with the order. At $15 for every $50 spent, that's no small favor. That $180 could come in handy if the store ever gets another shipment of PS5 consoles.

However, you might have to wait until some time after the holidays to use your bonus money on a PlayStation 5. Right now, the supply is tied up with scalpers who are getting as much as $2,000 for them on eBay. Even Sony says prospects for snagging one are not looking good.

This morning Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan all but confirmed a manufacturing shortfall, saying, "Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold."

Happy hunting.

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Uh huh. This smells fishy.

Massive multi decade old retailer doesnt know how to use their own inventory control system? Riiiiight.

Something tells me that the rumors of PS5 orders being reduced by 4 million due to shortages was absolutely true, and that production, let alone transport, is WAY behind schedule. The paper launches of the RTX 3000, RX 6000, and Ryzen 5000 all suggest severe backlogs in production and lags in shipments.


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I know kids & some young adults just gotta have it now, but, if you wait til spring, the price comes down and inventory will be stocked.
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That move to let people keep their Kohl's bucks is brilliant.

"Sorry that we're totally incompetent, probably caused you to miss out on buying this product elsewhere because you thought you had one locked in and stopped looking, but hey here's $180 in money that is good nowhere but with us and requires you to shop with us again. We definitely won't screw up again next time. Well, probably won't. Ok, maybe won't. We hope..."


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I think whilst TSMC is on top of the chip fab game and the only real player in town everyone is vying for time on the fab, Apple, NVIDIA, AMD, all products that are reliant upon TSMC are going to see shortages like this.


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No matter how eager you are to get hold on of these (or any new hardware, for that matter), don't overpay! Don't loose your money to scalpers. Your life does not depend on it. Go play your unfinished games first and then, can get all these things later. By then the price would have even come below msrp.

Impulse buying is only for those who don't have self control and who have developed a wasting habit.
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Oh...seems Monti got his order canceled in the screen shot. Poor Monti šŸ˜¢

I'm going to be honest here....when the hell did the PS5 even release?

Oh, never mind - I don't care about it. Move along, nothing to see here.