KVM switch, help me with setting this up please, further explanation inside

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May 1, 2010
  1. Tower pc connected to my tv

    Laptop connected to a CRT monitor but no outputs for any other display options and the display on the laptop is bad, only see part of it so I set the display to just display the monitor and not the laptop screen connected with a mouse, and my WD 1TB HD.

    Question here is, the tower takes up alot of power and my dad wants the tower to be off at some time during the day, so I use the laptop to do my downloading and keep it on all night instead and use the tower which is connected to my TV to watch my movies/tv shows.

    I want my laptop and pc connected together so I just use one mouse and the one keyboard, what is a good affordable KVM switch.

    Also, is there a way to also since the laptop only has a 9pin and once it is connected to a KVM switch, to watch my movies/tv on the tv with the pc tower off.
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    Also I run a wireless mouse, usb and a keyboard that still uses whatever you call that plug but it is not USB.
  3. fluffykitten

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    USB wireless mouse
    PS/2 keyboard
    sound connects to a Creative DTS-610 into a yamaha receiver which 3 stereo plugs that connect into the pc.
    flat screen with a DVI plug

    Bad screen
    connected to a CRT monitor using 9pin
    usb mouse connected to laptop
    1TB WD external harddrive

    What VPN switch do I need, I don't want to spend extra money not knowing which one to buy, they confuse the hell out of me, I suppose when I get it, it will seem simple but currently yes, I need help with finding the correct one, specs on top should help with that, right?

    preferably, no I want a VPN switch that has the keyboard hot key...
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    Bump 6 day's ago, no replies - is this some sort of RARE config. can someone help me setup my configuration as explained. Also PC runs Ubuntu Linux/ Laptop runs Windows 7/XP... 1TB HDD was connected to the windows machine but had problems since Linux lacks the utilities to clean up and fix the problems automatically .

    So Should Windows detect the need for this and run a check when the disk is in, running CHKDSK manually should clean this issue up right, with the current problems of the /f parameter and NTFS, once I get this fixed I would like to have the external disk on the laptop and when I want to watch a movie, and tv show I would like to from the laptop.

    Even though the DTS-610 uses 3 wires, it will work with using one stereo plug, I learned from plugging it into the laptop and having no sound problems and having the receiver still receives a digital link (DTS).

    S-Video to VGA adapater to work, your computer MUST have tv-out capabilities <---- is this true As explained above, my laptop does not have tv-out capabilities.. ugh so please tell me this is not true and if there is a work around.

    I need to make a purchase from newegg and need to know all the parts to put this together, again without spending money on parts that I do not need, this is my first time doing this setup so even though it sounds simple, I need some steps and help from other experienced users who have done this or know a well configuration setup.
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    7 Day's

  6. mailpup

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    This would be an issue if you wanted to connect the laptop directly to the TV. If you want to use a KVM switch as you stated earlier, it's the switch's output you need to be concerned with. The switch will have to have a TV-out connector unless your TV has a D-Sub input. Does it? I'm no expert on KVMs but I've never seen one with a TV-out connector. They are all designed for computer monitors not TVs. Check Newegg's stock.
  7. fluffykitten

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    I don't need the KVM to have a TV out, would be nice though but I need the source to the tv out to come from the laptop if possible, using a crt splitter and a adapter, would that work for a tv out.

    IOGEAR GCS632U 2-Port USB PLUS KVM Switch with Built-in KVM Cables and Audio Support (KVM)

    TRIPP LITE USB to PS/2 Adapter Model B015-000 (For the PS/2 Keyboard)

    IOGEAR GUH285 4-Port USB Hub (Not sure yet, wanted to test something out)

    StarTech 6 ft. DVI To VGA Analog Flat Panel Display Cable Model DVIVGAMM6

    Logitech 920-000914 Black 106 Normal Keys Wired Ultra-thin Illuminated Keyboard ( Added this, for about 30-40 dollars for a nice USB keyboard and remove the TRIPP LITE PS/2 adapter which is about 12 dollars, I need a nice keyboard.
  8. jobeard

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    the 9pin is VGA and you need S-Video or HDMI output to connect to the tv.

    so laptop--->kvm---->tv will not work as mailpup was telling you;
    the KVM fails to { S-Video or HDMI } as does the laptop also.

    your KVM will work for the Kb & Mouse only, not the video
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