Lag issues after reformat, please help

By mskancke
Jun 25, 2008
  1. Hey guys. Been reading a couple of posts on this forum, and it seems some ppl know a whole lot here. So I hope someone can help me.

    Bought a new computer thorugh work in may. Everything worked fine. Got good fps in conan, wow ect ect.

    But last night i got some virus ****. And i felt i didnt have any other solution than to run a reformat/hp recovery. New HP computers has a own recovery partition, which has the option to wipe clean the windows partition and restore it to factory "settings".

    After i had run the reformat, i started updating windows and gfx. Now here is my problem.

    If im watching a movie in windows media player (fullscreen), and for som reason hover over the onscreen buttons which makes that little tip come above ur mouse. Basicly its a mouseover. The video starts to lag badly, but the audio contineues without any problems.

    Ive also got the same problem when im playing wow in windowed mode (which i usually do) The second i mouseover something on my taskbar which makes a tip or w/e show itself. The game lags.

    But its ONLY if it has to overlap the wow window.

    Now, i dont have any of these problems before the reformat. And as far as i remember, ive done everything i did when i first set up this computer. But i still have those mouseover lag issues.

    Little info about my system
    Its a Hp desktop pc, but ive done some modifications to it.

    CPU: Intel core2 quad Q9300
    RAM: Not sure about model, but its a total of 4gb
    gfx: Nvidia 9800gtx. A new driver had become available when i was updating after the reformat, so my first thoughts was that it was something with that driver. But ive tried to uninstall it and use the previous driver which i had before format.
    HDD C: containing windows files (this was the one that was reformated/recovered.'
    HDD D: Containg the gamefiles, videofiles.
    Everything is run on factory settings (except gfx ofc), no tweaks or w/e

    Please note that wow has not been reinstalled, ive only updated the gfx and the DX software. Was thinking of trying to reinstall, but ive got the same lag problem when im watching a movie...

    (my next suspission is that it might (probably not) be something with the reformat of 1 hdd, but not the other. But i cant say ive ever heared of that before.

    If anyone could help me, i would be forever thankfull
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