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Aug 4, 2011
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  1. i have hp pavilion dv 6000 laptop. when i turn on my laptop all the power indicator were on but there is no display in screen. any body could help me. whay may be the problem
  2. Route44

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    How old is your system?
  3. nirmal_t

    nirmal_t TS Rookie Topic Starter

    5 yrs old
  4. HiDDeNMisT

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    I got only one piece of advice for you.


    That laptop probably still has stock parts in it. It will be cheaper to buy a new laptop then to fix an old one with more then 5 year old hardware.
  5. Route44

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    The HP DV6000 along with their 9000 series had a massive amount of motherboards failing due to poor design and the implementation of the Nvidia chipset G34. The systems became so hot that it literally fried/warped the board.

    I have personal experience with this as I bought a DV6000 in 2007 for my daughter. It began failing in such things as the wireless card which was due to the motherboard. It began having other issues as well and after researching discovered that it was due to heat. A cooling pad helped but couldn't stave off the inevitable.

    It was so bad (HP tried denying it for some time) that HP was forced to replace a whole lot of boards and those replacements often failed. I will never buy another HP laptop again. Ever.

    Unfortunately the replacement period has ended. I am amazed you have gotten 5 years of use out of yours.

    I agree with HiDDeNMisT that it is time to buy a new system. What is your budget?

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