Laptop loading and parking problems

By MadV
May 5, 2010
  1. Hi
    I did not think I would be back so soon but...

    I have a slight problem with Windows. When I am starting the machine it tends to refresh the loading screen (waveforms descending down screen). Again when closing down it does not seem to close(park the screen properly on close down) properly. It started two days ago when it reverted to original settings with a blue background. I did a disc clean the night before but the was it.
    I had "16 bit memory insufficent message a few nights in a row before that. Then I got a Windows parking screen error after it reverted to its original settings. I have also lost StandBy and cable broadband but I have wireless internet. I have AVGd the system-no faults. Defragged the system and I also system restored it and then restored it back which has made a difference but its still messing around. I did download HP drivers for my PSC series printer last week.

    I did try excluding HP files from start up but it made no difference.

    The waveform problem is one I had before on another computer when it could not handle the pixel display settings.

    Laptop is a HP nx6325 with a Turion 64

    Regards: Tony
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