laptop wont read mp3player

By ragez0r
Sep 25, 2005
  1. hi... i have this cheap mp3 player i got off ebay.. never had problem with it.. i plug it in the usb port of my winxp pc.. a folder window opens up and there u go.. that is
    now i have this old pentium laptop with win98 on it.. i plugged it in the 1st time.. it said it cannot install the drivers or something.. so i install the cd that came with the mp3 player.. .. .. k.. well now when i plug the mp3 player to the laptop usb.. i see the hourglass symbol show up and go.. the mp3 player sais "usb something" as it should.. but thats it.. no window pops up nada... but the usb is fine cuz the usb mouse works.. the digital camera downloads fine... so ?
    whats up

    any help would be greatly appreciated :D
  2. KernyKat

    KernyKat TS Rookie

    Windows XP works 'out of the box' with a lot more USB devices than Windows 98 did, thus you need the drivers installed first. Assuming you were able to installthe drivers eventually, those 'drivers' may work in a different way to how Windows XP interacts with the device. i.e. you may need to go start -> programs -> and launch a program to interact with the mp3 player.

    It you realy can't find a way with the software you have, try browsing the net for some generic software, or maybe a driver update from the manufacturer's website.

    Another thing to note, and this applies to WinXP, not sure about Win98: When unplugging a usb device like that, windows has an icon in the system tray to "safely remove this device". I've heard of cases where windows will complain if you just yank it out; or where the device will start working strangely if you use the "safely remove" thing. As such, when you unplug then replug, some quirk to do with that might intefere with windows recognising the device when you plug it back in.

    I hope this helps :)
  3. ragez0r

    ragez0r TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 83

    yeah i remember the safely remove item.. never paid attention to it.. and the item never gave me trouble..... the driver i installed on the laptop were called isetup98.. (its the only exe i found on that driver cd).. as for updating it.... hard to find an update for an mp3 player called mp3 player.. i said ebay didnt i???

    i mean i know it reads soemthing.. maybe there is a usb thumb drive reader software out there.. same principle no >??? and there is no software to read the mp3 player.. i think it only installed drivers... so... anything else ???

    i really would like to have this problem fixed
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