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Apr 7, 2004
  1. I'm a long time crt user but am on the market for a new monitor.
    Its primary use is for games, were it not for the fact that large (22+) crt's are so bulky and take up so much desk space, I'd make the purchase of one of these a priority but lcd's, with their slim profile look more attractive than ever so I think I'm going to take the plunge and purchase a 19 in lcd but with so many on the market, have to admit to being overwhelmed.
    The most important criteria is
    1 - response time.
    2 - performance
    3 - price (up to £500)
    Any ideas people? Links or reviews would be appreciated if possible.
  2. PanicX

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  3. Julio Franco

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    I just made that transition from CRT to LCD, both 19" although the LCD has a slightly bigger picture because of actual viewable area. My priority was not the same as yours though, I was looking for a monitor that would do great in business applications (to work on TS) and would do ok in gaming as well.

    After looking at various options I went for Sony's HS-93, contrast ratio is high compared to competition at 700:1 although response time is lagging behind what most recommend for gaming (25ms I think) still I can't complain much, fast-paced action is handled well by this monitor and ghosting is hardly noticeable... what made me decide for this model however was the overall picture quality (plain beautiful) and outside design... you will have to forgive me but I couldn't resist.

    Over the next week, I hope to start using dual displays and see how that works in terms of productivity.
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    This monitor used to be $469, but it is now about $500. I bought one for a customer and quite frankly, is one of the best flat panels I've seen, despite not being a "big brand".

    The response time is 25ms, which isn't great, but good. The picture quality is what is impressive with this one though.
  5. vega

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    JULIO and RICK - hs-93 looks to be a nice piece of kit and is competitively priced but in all honesty, I don't see the point in purchasing a brand new radeon 9800 then compromising its performance by buying an expensive monitor which exhibits smearing so I'm definitely on the lookout for a model which has a response tine of less than 20ms.
    Two other points have been bought to my attention concerning lcd monitors-
    1 - dead pixels
    2 - longivity - apparently, lcd monitors have a much shorter life than conventional monitors - this point is VERY important to me because if I spend £500 on a monitor today and find that in four years time, it has to be consigned to the scrap heap, then that is one massive minus point against purchasing one.
    PanicX - thanks for the link, its proved invaluable in honing the list down to either the samsung syncmaster 193d, the prophetview 920 pro and the hitachi cml174sxw.
  6. Arris

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    I believe that Hercules have stopped production of the 920 Pro so I'd be surprised if you manage to get your hands on one now. I was looking at that monitor to begin with but because of the supply problems I ended up going for the Hyundai Q17 which uses the same 20ms panel as the Prophet View.

    I'm very happy with is so far. The Samsung 172T I had before this with 25ms response suffered quite obvious smearing/ghosting but with this I am happy to retire my CRT. I believe there are new OLED monitors on the horizon with 12ms response screens. If your thinking of switching I'd maybe hold out to see what these are like.
  7. foulsoul

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    There is a nice new samsung lcd out now, which has a responce time of 12ms. which is great. sorry i cant remember the model of it.

    with your dead pixels you have to check the warranty of each lcd you look at, as they differ from one to another. i think sony has the best warranties at the moment.

    the only life problem you may get with an lcd is the backlight dying, i have no idea how much these are but you can probably be sure they are cheaper then a new monitor.....

    other then that as long as you dont leave a single image on the screen too long you should be fine.
  8. Rick

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    Dead pixels aren't anything to worry about.

    It may seem like Witch Doctor Medicine®, but I haven't seen a dead pixel yet I haven't been able to massage out. That's right.. massage. ;)

    If you rub around the dead pixel for a few minutes, it will fix the pixel. The science of it? Not quite sure. But I grabbed this tip off the net and its worked 100% of the time for me.
  9. PanicX

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    TomsHardware just posted a new review between 12ms LCD's.
  10. SmAsHeR

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    dont pay any attention to the price, eyeball the quality of the picture yourself because some of the cheaper ones have a better picture that the high end ones
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