Leechers on my wifi

By Quantex_rox
Oct 25, 2008
  1. We have at+t uverse. The box at+t gave us has built in wireless, but its got a password, WPA. But I have a Wireless router in my room as a router for my computer and my xbox to share the internet from the uverse tv box in my room. (the internet and tv goes over the coax and these boxes pick it up, and have a ethernet port on the back for your computer)

    Today I looked at the DHCP list in the belkin's router setup. (see picture, my computer is amd386dx)

    I just added a WPA key to it and even turned off the wifi, and the wireless light is turned off on the router to confirm it. They still show up on the list when I hit refresh. Does it just take a while?

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  2. Ididmyc600

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    if its anything like mine, it takes ages to refresh and show the right information, as long as you have a good key you should be fine
  3. Wendig0

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    Do you have a linksys router? If so, download a nifty utility from them called Linksys Easylink advisor. It allows you to see who is connecting to your network, track them as intruders, and block them from your network. You can also use it to beef up security on your router.

    Edit- Sorry, I just reread your post to see the Belkin router.
  4. jobeard

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    You can tighten securing by using MAC filtering. There are two forms and
    usually you can only pick one or the other. They are:
    1. deny by MAC address
    2. allow by MAC address
    As you can't filter out all possibles to be denied, (2) is a better choice.

    Get a list of the MAC addresses of all YOUR systems and then enter them
    into the list (2).

    You still use your encryption key but the remote system must have a MAC in list (2)

    and before the academic types protest, yes this can be defeated but not by novice users
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