Lenovo laptop issue


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Problem began a few weeks ago with the lap turn not shutting down...would only go to hibernate... now I can't run any virus software or malware software both of which are installed on hard drive, it gives me a message that foxfire is running and I need to close it but it won't allow me to close anything...even loaded malware on external hd and tried to run it from there but the computer won't open it up...


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What OS (Operating System) are you using? To shutdown firefox, right click the taskbar & on the menu that pops up left click Start Task Manager & go to the Processes Tab,find firefox,highlight it & click End process. You might get a pop up asking you to confirm it,click yes & X out of Task Manager.
You need to install Malwarebytes on the harddrive. Once its installed, update it & run a (full) scan.


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Can you logoff? If so, you could then use the power key to force shutdown (hold key for 5-10 sec).

Now you should be able to boot into Safe Mode (tap f8 1/sec until b&w vga choice arrives). Login as admin and run your tools from there.