LG DVD-RW lightscribe problem

By razzvanbot
Oct 13, 2010
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  1. Yesterday i tried to write a label on my newly burned DVD but after a while my computer freezes at 1 min interval for a few seconds for about an half of hour and it seemed as it would keep on going so i did a reboot. At the screen where bios is detecting any pluged IDE or SATA devices the computer just stay's idle. I managed to do a succesful boot of OS by turning the PC of and back on. Both the DVD drive http://www.lgsolutions.com/products/digital-storage/optical-disc-drives/dvd-drives-internal/gh22ls50-internal-sata-22x-super-multi-with-securdisc-dvd-rewriter?division=&category= and the DVD (the DVD's manufacturer is Omega) supports lightscribe. I have the latest drivers for my DVD-RW and the latest ligthscribe labeling software. My optical drive was bought just a few days ago. What could be the problem? Any suggestions are welcome and sorry for my bad english.

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