Limiting Windows Processes

By Robin997
Feb 9, 2008
  1. i have noticed time and time again that when you install a fresh copy of windows on a pc it runs great and has minimal processes running therefore taking up very little RAM. About a couple of weeks ago i installed a fresh copy of windows on one of my computers, when no programs were running it had 473476k of phisical memory avalible (my pc has 640mb PC2700 RAM). Now a couple os weeks later after installing about 2 avarage non demanding games and using the internet a lot is has usually 393654k avalible, that number is steadily dropping!!!
    processes have gone from 25 to 27 as well.

    my question is, how can i remove useless processes to speed up my pc and keep memory usage down or what is the best way to do this???

    any help greatly appriciated!
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    imo, don't over react to the memory statistics.

    Personally, I'm on a laptop (512mb Ram) with 43 processes and a Commit of 383m/1428m

    Memory is there to be used, not preserved.

    I too prefer to run as few processes as possible and find that I don't need ANY processes
    associated with *Updates* -- I can do updates manually for myself when I am ready to do so.
    This alone will trim several startup programs.

    You never need SSDP or UPnP services either.
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