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Oct 27, 2010
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  1. Hi,

    I am using my computer mainly to watch stock Market charts & those charts have lots of graphics on it.

    So I need a really Huge monitor if possible.

    But the cost of LCD/LED monitors go up exponentially higher after 24 inch size.

    I can use 36 or even 42 inch monitor. The bigger the better.

    LCD & Plasma TVs are much chaeper.

    Can I use them as a monitor ? IF that is yes, why are computer monitors so much more expensive & what are the pros & cons of using computer monitor Vs TV as a monitor ?

    Any & all ideas would be highly appreciated.

    Thank You.
  2. ViNCiLiCiouS

    ViNCiLiCiouS TS Rookie Posts: 30

    Compared to televisions, computer monitors have greater pixel density, generally use a lower quality panel (usually doesn't need to viewing angle), and dont need/have a tuner inside. Because of this, I always believed computer monitors were cheaper than televisions, but perhaps I was wrong.

    In terms of using a TV as a monitor, you should have no problem. Providing you have a graphics card and TV with identical input/outputs. In this case it would most likely be HDMI. HDMI out on your graphics card, HDMI in on your television. Use the scaling options in ATI Catalyst / NVIDIA Control Panel to fix any overscan/underscan (if some the whole TV isnt being used OR some parts are missing)

    This is true. Have you considered multiple monitors? Its generally* cheaper, but does require more time to set up.
  3. LNCPapa

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    Also - as computer monitors go up to the 27-30 inch range the resolution changes (for the higher end monitors.) That's not the case for televisions - they're all pretty much at 1920x1080. That's the resolution of many 22-24" monitors now.
  4. jxdang

    jxdang TS Rookie

    The bigger the computer monitor the higher the native resolution so you need to make sure your video card can handle the higher resolution. You might want to look at a multi monitor setup where you have 2 or more monitors. This way you can dedicate one monitor for your stock charts/graphs and the other monitor(s) to run other apps...
  5. Relic

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    I would say your better off with a multi-monitor set up vs one giant LCD TV. As already pointed out those big 42+ inch LCD TV's will only come in 1920x1080 resolution the same as any 22 inch you buy today. While the graph may look bigger and be easier to see overall you aren't gaining any screen real estate. Having a multi-monitor set up can allow you to view multiple graphs and still have a free monitor for work. Here is an extreme example of multi-monitor set up.


    Of course like jxdang points out you'll need a dedicated video card that is capable of supporting multiple monitors.
  6. schang3

    schang3 TS Rookie

    I would suggest multiple monitors only because having 1 big monitor infont of you hurts ur eyes a lot more then you think it will

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