Machine Freezes about 30-60 seconds after boot

By Unsentletter
Apr 13, 2018
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  1. I have recently built a computer and am trying to install and run Ubuntu. Whenever I start the machine and try to run Ubuntu it freezes after about 30 seconds. I do not have the same problem when I am in the bios. I can use it indefinitely there.

    I thought the problem might have been with the Ubuntu version I was using so I downloaded a more recent version and did an md5sum check which matched.

    I used 'try ubuntu' rather than installing the new version and encountered the same problem. This makes me think that it could be a hardware issue.

    My problem is that I am very new to a computer that isnt a mac. This is my first non mac machine that I have owned, and the first computer I have built myself. I have no idea where to start trouble shooting. I did try taking out my SSD and running/installing Ubuntu on my other hard drive, but encountered the same problem. Any help to narrow down my search for the problem would be greatly appreciated.

    My machine is as follows:
    - Motherboard: B350 PC Mate
    - CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
    - 16 gig ram - samsung SSD 250gig
    - Other hard drive is 1tb
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    POST - does it complete Power On Self Test and give you a single 'beep'?
    What errors appear on display as it 'boots'?
    Review and confirm settings in BIOS as per your motherboard manual (boot device, etc) for use of Linux OS. Your installation media has to be a boot device and be set up to boot in BIOS. Do you see all storage devices?

    "I used 'try ubuntu' " makes me think that the system could locate installation media and then boot from it...and that the installation of Ubuntu is the issue and BIOS is the place to correct it.

    Perhaps someone with a similar MSI board would know. Have you inquired with support at MSI?.

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