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Major help needed!

By Rancid33 ยท 10 replies
Feb 1, 2007
  1. Ok ill try to give as much detail as possible.
    I got a new game, which required a DVD rom, so I had to go out and buy one.
    After installing the device (Liteon 16x DVD r-rw) everything seemed to work fine except everything ran really slow. I was now using this DVD-rom along with a Sony rewriteable disk drive, haven taken out a old Memorex cd rom drive. I set the jumper on the DVD-rom drive to MASTER, and the Sony is set on SLAVE. Now after it working that first time, the next time I turned off my computer and back on, I cant get into windows.

    I keep getting the same thing, the promt that lets me choose:
    Safe mode
    Safe mode with networking
    safe mode with command prompt

    Normal boot with last known configurations
    Normal boot

    Now if i select a normal boot, I get the windows XP screen with the loading bar moving, for about 5-10seconds, and immediatly a quick flash of a blue screen and then the computer restarts.

    If i select any safe mode option, a bunch of lines come up saying different driver names that are loading, (the last one is Mup.sys) and then it restarts itself.
    So basically I cant do anything without my cdomputer restarting over and over and over again.

    Things Ive tried:
    -Switching the slave and master jump drivers on each device
    -Unplugging 1 of them, unplugging both of them
    -Putting my old Memorex back in (when I do this nothing at all will come up on the screen upon turning the computer on, no beeps, nothing at all)

    Ive pretty much ran out of ideas so anything would be appreciated... I dont even know for certain if my cd roms are the problem, its just my assumption

    Thanks in advance for any ideas and help
  2. scherzo

    scherzo TS Rookie Posts: 27

    don't have alot of time to fully understand what you are writting, however try unplugging all your dvd, cd drives, from the mobo, power too, and start in safe mode.

    when you are in safe mode, go to device manager and disable all your dvd, cd drives - don't disable your hard drive.

    device manager = right click my computer, properties, hardware, device mangaer

    after disable them, turn off, reconnect your dvd drives one by one, set the master and hook up master to master cable, some bios use Cable select and it doesn't matter if it is set up for master or slave.

    after connecting your dvd drive, reboot, and new hardware will be detected, load the drivers from Windows or any cd's the product came with.

    do the same thing again with the other drives
  3. Rancid33

    Rancid33 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Im not able to do that, even with them both unplugged I cant get into safe mode. If i try, it will just list a bunch of lines saying all the drivers its loading, and then like i said in my origional post (the last one is Mup.sys) and then it restarts itself.
  4. scherzo

    scherzo TS Rookie Posts: 27

    disable the drives in bios and then try, do not connect the drives
  5. Rancid33

    Rancid33 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Also I realized during startup it says:
    Primary master: not detected
    Primary slave: IDE Hard disk

    I just wanted to know if that looked right, also in BIOS under the CMOS settings If i go to primary master, its on auto, and if I click enter it changes to NOT INSTALLED. I dunno if this info helps at all but im still really stuck here :(
  6. scherzo

    scherzo TS Rookie Posts: 27

    how many ide controllers does you pc have? is your hdd sata connection?

    on the controllers how many drives do you have? including all cd, dvd, hard drives?

    ide controllers are the ribbon cables, older systems have 3, 1 for floppy, 1 for hdd, and another for cd, dvd drives (typical setup)

    sata drives have smaller connectos.

    to boot your machine you should only need the operating system on the hdd, in bios you should disable all others. your hdd should be on master on the ide controller for your hdd's,

    you shouldn't have a ide hard disk, on the same ribbon cable as the cd drive. when you turn on the pc, the board will detect what is connected, you should be detecting your hard drive which has your operating system on it.
  7. scherzo

    scherzo TS Rookie Posts: 27

    you might have to plug in the bad drives to disable them in bios, otherwise they won't be detected to disable
  8. Rancid33

    Rancid33 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have a ribbon that goes into the cd rom drive, and then down into the dvd rom drive, and into the motherboard. The floppy disk drive and hard drive each have seperate ribbons going to the motherboard.
    What I have to boot up from first is IDE-0 which im pretty sure is my hard drive. Im still having the same results each time, windows loading screen for about 20 second, a split second flash of a blue screen and the computer restarts and goes throgh the same process over and over again. If I unplug my dvd rom drive and cd rom drive then I cant get anything to come up on the screen at all
  9. scherzo

    scherzo TS Rookie Posts: 27

    I am assuming you have not disconnected the ide controllers (ribbon cable) from the motherboard? - they only go in one way.

    If you have not disconnected the ide controllers, your hard drive should still be there and in the proper connection, so try this,

    connect you cd rom drive, but not the dvd. leave the hard drive connected.

    start the machine and enter bios, your boot order options should see the hard drive, floppy, and cd rom drive. if it doesn't see the hard drive that is the trouble. At this point make sure the cd drive is enabled, and put in your operating system disk

    turn off the computer and boot from cd. windows will search for a previous version of windows, which should be on you hard drive. If it finds it you know that it is still there. IF you have never booted from cd, you will need to read the screen and make the appropriate selections - first screen 'repair' you exit, second screen select create fresh copy, you should then see your hard drive configurations, it should show C: with the windows o.s. on it.

    If it doesn't show C: you will not be able to install, or boot with the hard drive

    If it does show C: - you should be able to boot. exit what you are doing, and the computer will restart, this time do not boot from cd, and you should get the options, safe mode, last know good configuration. Select last known good configurations. If it starts then disable the other drive like I said before, if it doesn't start, then try again using safe mode, if that doesn't work then as far as your system is concerned you have no hard drive

    before doing this make sure all the cables are tight, it is possible you 'knocked' one loose while putting in the new drive.
    if you haven't touched your hard drive jumpers leave them, but put the cd jumpers set to master, and put it on the master cable - for the secondary ide controller, the primary should be the hard drive.
    make sure they are tight. - do all the steps again, listen for the hard drive, look to see it has power, it should light up, spin or make a noise. If it makes noise it has power
    boot from cd again, look for C: agian. if it finds it try rebooting again from the hard drive
    if it won't allow you it sounds like you will need a floopy disk and format the hard drive. But before that you should see if anyone else can recomend another option.

    twice I have had this trouble, once with my pc. the other time with a friends. I was able to repair mine, however with my friends I had to use a floopy disk and start over agian. There may have been a bios setting I had overlooked with my friends - which is why you should wait for someone else to help.
  10. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    they have (two) ide slots. primary and secondary.
    each one of them (primary and secondary) can have a master and a slave.
    your hdd should be on primary master with the jumpers set to master. the master is connected to the end of cable, while the slave is connected to the middle of the cable.
    this is NOT true. wrong.
    you can have an hdd as a master and a cd or dvd as a slave on the same cable. as a matter of fact, that's recommended.
    putting 2 hdd's on the same cable, creates too much traffic on a ide data bus. while hdd+cd is normal on one cable.
    you can have 4 ide devices installed on the motherboard.
  11. Rancid33

    Rancid33 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey guys, i finally got myself back into windows, I used the windows xp cd to repair something i guess and it worked, im really not sure how.

    My problem now is that I have no taskbar.
    It kind of looks like I do have one (there is like a greay line across the bottom) and it looks like it is just moved to far down.
    But anyways, I cant move the mouse down further than the screen
    And neither the windows button or control - escape bring up the start menu

    Which makes me think that its not there
    any help on this new problem would be appreciated, thanks guys
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