Matrox G200 MMS video cardwon't work with my new machine properly

By jetq88
Apr 30, 2006
  1. sorry it's a bit long.
    I have a Matrox G200 MMS Quad video card working with my old machine, but not working

    properly in my new machine, only the first video port works, the rest of ports will show

    either "frequency out of range" on CRT or "input not support" on LCD. I'm thinking video

    Horizontal frequency from port 2/3/4 is below required, here is details:

    video card: Matrox G200 MMS PCI,
    Model: G2+Quadp_PL-9
    Bios: V3.3.034(latest)
    Driver: 5.93.009(should be latest)

    Old Machine:
    Dell Demension 2100
    Pentium 3 860M
    512M Ram PC133
    HD: 40G
    win2000 Sp4
    two monitor: one DELL CRT, one Rosewill R912E LCD

    I build the new machine to replace the old machine, all parts are from
    CPU: AMD sempron 2800+
    MOBO: ECS 755-A2
    MOBO BIOS: updated to latest from ECS website.
    MOBO driver: updated to latest from ECS website, such as AGP, USB, LAN, AUDIO, etc.
    RAM: 1G DDR400 PC3200 from PQI
    HD: samsung 250G SATA
    DVD: NEC
    CASE: Rosewill TU-155, 400W
    OS: winxp sp2 with all patch from microsoft

    I have had G200 MMS on my Dell machine for more than a year, works fine with my two

    monitors. put it into my new machine, only the first video port works fine, I have done

    extensive tests so far with no luck, hope someone can see the problem from what I have done

    so far:

    1. if I put CRT into video port #2,or #3, or #4, it will show "frequency is out of range".
    if I lower resolution to 640X480, it still shows "frequency is out of range" on top, but

    I can see blur shaking WinXP background(sky with grass), if resolution is above 640X480,

    there is no background at all

    2. If I switch LCD into video port other than #1, it will float "input not supported" all

    around, if resolution is lower than 800X600, again I can see blur WinXP background, but

    "input not supported"still floating around. press adjust button in LCD, no response.

    3. get into device manager, under display adapter, I see four G200MMS(it should be), and

    goes to display->advance->adapter/monitor, show correct G200MMS driver. no exclaimation on

    any devices under device manager. change hardware accelaration, not working.

    4. uninstall G200MMS driver and reinstall it, no luck

    5. unistall g200mms driver from safe mode, use matrox tool to clean it up(downloaded from

    matrox site), reinstall driver, no luck.

    6. uninstall Winxp Sp2, no luck,

    7. clean install winxp sp1, no luck,

    8. add SP2 again, no luck.

    9. there are 5 PCI slot in my machine, tried one by one, not working, slot 2 even worse,

    when G200MMS in slot 2, windows report error when started,
    stop: 0x000000EA (0X85AB1798,0X85D6E7C0,0XF7A0FCB4,0X00000001), with message" device

    driver got sruck in an infinite loop, this usually indicates problem with the device itself

    or with device driver programming the hardware incorrectly" then it restarted.

    10. get into BIOS, it shows PCI as initial display, there is only one G200MMS PCI card on


    11, try to disable other unnecessary device such as USB, AUDIO, RAID,etc in BIOS, no help.

    12. I noticed that it shows "input not supported" even before windows fully loaded

    I checked LCD manual, "input not support"message means video is out of range, I think this

    is referring to horizontal frequency. for example, for LCD

    resolution | Horizontal frequency | vertical Frequency
    640X480, | 31.4Khz | 60Hz
    1024X768 | 48.8kHz | 60Hz
    1280X1024 | 64Khz | 60Hz

    I'm thinking video frequency from port 2/3/4 is below required, anyone know how to fix this?

    any help is appreciated
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