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By OpticalOrange99
Jul 27, 2007
  1. McAfee Security Centre 7.0 came free with my Dell Dimension 9200 desktop and I've been using it on the free 30 day trial. But I've been having problems with memory (

    Alot of RAM is being taken up. I had hoped I could keep McAfee running on my new pc, as on my old HP Pavilon I had to uninstall it after a month or so due to high resource consumption, but now I think McAfee is taking up a disproporationate amount of resources on my new pc as well.

    So I downloaded AVG Free Edition 7.5.476 (which I think is the newest version) and I am going to use it instead from now on as I hear it's less resource intensive.

    But since I've already ditched McAfee before and lost all the money I had spent on it I don't want to ditch this trial McAfee just yet. I want to be able to shut down Mcafee temporarily and see if, indeed, the RAM problem is due to McAfee Security Centre being an almighty resource hog or if it's Windows Vista.

    The problem is I seemingly can't shut down McAfee Security Centre without completely uninstalling it. If I uninstall it I loose my free trial!

    So the question is how in God's name do I just temporarily shut down the whole of McAfee for just a few minutes, even, without having to uninstall it?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    There a few services which McAfee installs to start running on your system boot up. Post a HijackThis log (download from my signature) as an attachment and I'll tell you which services to remove.

    Your friendly momok =)

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