Memtest86 Over 1100 Errors?

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Oct 11, 2007
  1. So I downloaded a copy of Ubuntu and before I went to go install it there was an option to run Memtest86 so I thought sure why not. It is version 1.65. So It was running through and by the time it got to test 6 I started seeing lots of errors. like in the hundreds. I am now in test seven and there is over 1100 errors. And I dont think this is a good thing.

    When I built my machine about a year ago I put 2x1Gb sticks in it (PC3200 400Mhz) and I have never had a problem installing anything. About a week ago I bought another 2x1Gb sticks for my computer again (PC3200 400Mhz) and installed them. It showed up in XP that I only had 3Gb of RAM installed and I went around and did some reading alot of people said they had this problem with XP. So i thought nothing of it. And that when I upgrade to Vista (very soon) I will be able to see all 4Gb being in use. So I downloaded a copy of Ubuntu and I thought I would try it out. So I burnt the image to a disc and thats when I thought I would try the Memtest86 thing.

    So thats my problem. I am just wondering about all the errors?? I hope someone can help me.

    ++ Ok, so its been running for an hour now (on test 8) and I have 1153 errors so far??

    P.S. I tryed hitting escape to end it and it wont quit the memtest :( how long is this going to take? and if I just shut my computer off manually (holding down the power button) will this ruin my RAM at all??
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  3. mr_smile

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    Ok, I read the thread. And it sounds like I did everything right. The only difference is that it says that XP has a limit of 4Gb whilst I have 4x1Gb sticks installed and it only showed up as having 3x1Gb sticks installed. hmm.... The other thing is all my RAM is from the same brand "Ultra" and it is all the same: PC3200, 400Mhz, all that stuff.. I havent had any errors now that I am in test 8.
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    Don't worry about the 3 gigs thing, that will show up in Vista too unless you get Vista 64bit.

    Shut down and take out the 'new' sticks, run it again. If you have errors, try only the new sticks.

    Its generally not a good idea to mix brands of RAM, or really even same brand manufactured at different times if you can avoid it.
  5. mr_smile

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    So the maximum 32 bit can handle is 3Gb?? Wierd.. Well I was wondering which version of Vista to install so I guess I got my answer then. Cause I do have a AMD 4800+ but I was reading and alot of people say that with 64bit there is lots of software/driver compatibility problems.

    Ok I will try taking out the new RAM and running Memtest86 again and see what it does. Thanks for the quick and helpful response.
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    No it can handle a maximum of 4GB. I'll post back with an explanation of why you see 3.

    Edit: Here is a page with an explanation. This has been discussed probably 40 times in the past few months here. The problem is it is a fairly complex explanation and we've just been getting by with telling people they aren't seeing 4GB because they aren't using a 64bit OS. Technically its not true, but it is close enough to the truth that it works, and saves us trying to explain something that probably in reality most of us don't fully understand.
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    * 32-bit Windows is limited to a maximum of 4GB and cannot see any pages above 4GB.

    * 64-bit Windows can use between 8GB and 128GB depending on SKU. (Stock Keeping Unit)

    This link may help you understand.

    Regards Jase :)
  8. mr_smile

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    Thanks SNGX1275, for the link! It all makes sense now. I think I will be upgrading to 64bit Vista then.
  9. Jase123

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    Ok, mate.

    Glad we were able to help you.

    Regards Jase :)
  10. Tedster

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    the guide clearly states do not mix ram.
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