Micron touts industry's smallest 128Gb NAND flash chip

By Jos
Feb 15, 2013
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  1. Micron Technology has announced what it claims is the industry's densest 128Gbit NAND flash memory device. With die area of only 146 square millimeters, the chip is made using a 20nm fabrication process and is based on triple-level-cell flash technology.

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  2. What? The 840 was a downgrade from the 830 in performance and in lifespan. The reduced lifespan of SSDs (such as the HyperX 3K) usually didn't bother me, but the 840 lifespan was a SIGNIFICANT downgrade. It's the first SSD in a while where the ~250gb version wouldn't last me 4 years (according to the 270TB writes life expectancy of the 840 250gb).

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