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Microsoft unveils 250GB Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360

By Matthew ยท 18 replies
Sep 16, 2009
  1. Update: In addition to the Modern Warfare 2 version, GameSpot is reporting that Microsoft will launch an identical Forza Motorsport 3 bundle in Europe for 249.99 GBP. There is also evidence that Redmond will ship a European Halo 3: ODST kit, which contains a 120GB Elite console, a controller, copies of Halo 3: ODST and Halo 3, and access to Halo: Reach's beta program.

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  2. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 854   +64

    This is a good looking 360 but the price for me isnt realistic (as a 360 fan as well).
    You can get a PS3 with blueray, wireless connection and easily upgradeable hardrive for alot less.
    MS are letting Sony back into the game big time imo. (although some might say sony never left it).
  3. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 854   +64

    sorry, my point is that in the uk i can get a playstation 3 for the rrp of 249.99 with a free copy of killzone 2 or a choice of 3 other top games. How long before shops throw in Modern combat 2 for a bit of extra cash before christmas.
  4. The memory alone is worth it. 360 has more games, better ones, there giving you two wireless controllers a headset and modern warfare two, which will be $60 for a long time I guarantee it. All ps has is the blu ray, xbox live is way better than there network even with it being free!! Plus xbox has netflix!! And if you really want a blu ray theres much better ones out there, especially if your into home theater like I am, but ya you pay for what you get the ps is a good all in one but for gaming I prefer my 360!!!
  5. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,632   +688

    I'd pay a lot of money to watch all PS3 fans on one side of an island with all XBox 360 fans on the other side and watch them fight to the death over which system is better. :p
  6. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 5,311   +100

    @TomSEA: I'll chip in. Let's get this party started.
  7. M1r

    M1r TS Enthusiast Posts: 45

    Lmao! I would too...
    But regarding this topic, I really have no clue why Microsoft decided to upgrade the hardrives. Last time I checked you CANNOT save any multimedia files from your computer, it's strictly boils down to streaming. WTF are you gonna do with 250GB, save hundreds of demos? Or RENT movies? Don't get me wrong, I have an xbox 360 (60GB) and I'm more than happy with it, I'm not a PS3 fanboy but I do like how they enable hardrive upgrade and saving multimedia onto your hardrive...they make FULL use of the space.
    Without a doubt, PS3 is the most powerful system, even though it doesn't have the range of games as xbox does...or the online capability. But it will release lots of great games in due time and I like to bet my chances on the most powerful system...it's even cheaper than this model of 360...
    Instead of trying to prolong the lifespan of 360, they should just focus on brining a new console next year...one that doesn't scratch your games and have blu-ray :) [I'm dreaming...I know].
  8. I, for one, would use most of that 250GBs to burn my whole 360 collection to the HD. It might seem like unnecessary overkill, but it's a nice feature in my opinion. The space I have left would be devoted to my extensive XBLA collection along with all of the DLC I have. I'm not trying to come off like I'm bragging, just trying to make a point. With most games being around (or over) 6GB each, and my collection of roughly 40 retail games, I could find a way to quickly make that space disappear. Also, this negates the issue with the console scratching discs.

    As far as the value of this bundle goes, an extra controller (between $30-$40), a copy of MW2 ($60), not to mention the extra hard drive space that, as of now, is exclusive to this bundle, and it all seems like a pretty unbelievable deal to me. I'm also speaking as someone with a first or second generation 360 that I've had to send in 4 times and is having a hell of a time juggling all of the content (XBLA/DLC/demos/etc) on a measly 20GB original hard drive.
  9. ColdFusion1990

    ColdFusion1990 TS Rookie Posts: 124

    Actually, 250GB of space will come in handy when everyone is just going to be downloading their games instead of purchasing discs. Aren't they coming out with that feature soon? But I agree, they need to develop a new console already. The first Xbox died after 4 years, why should the 360 take 6?
  10. tengeta

    tengeta TS Enthusiast Posts: 612

    It seemed pretty nice until I noticed it was Call of Duty oriented.
  11. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 854   +64

    Netflix is a bonus if you live in the US but not in the UK. Here MS have increased the price of the arcade model from 135 to 165. I don't understand the strategy.
  12. Haven't you hear that xbox will soon sell most of their games on Xbox live?
  13. gobbybobby

    gobbybobby TS Guru Posts: 549   +9

    My xbox is about to RRoD, (I have to hit it for it to work) so I will prob buy this, as my 3 year warrenty ends this month.
  14. looks like ****!
    Come on, that is the best they could come up with?
  15. G0d4m

    G0d4m TS Rookie

    Yes, good idea. Why not line up the Microsoft crowd and the Linux crowd on the other two sides, then watch the middle of the island (from a VERY long way away).
  16. Docnoq

    Docnoq TS Booster Posts: 143

    lol, if I were you, I would be trying to get it to red ring as fast as possible. No point spending an extra $400 if you can get a new one to replace your old one for free. Try doing things like shutting if off when it's updating and anything else you can think of to cause the rings.
  17. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 854   +64

    Have to agree with this..
  18. YES! I got the RROD! Wait for it. With my best buy warrenty still intact. I'll just trade it in for this one. I got my elite for $400. Can I get a, WHAT! WHAT!
  19. I am under the impression that this limited edition 360 was only going to be available for sale at amazon and gamestop?
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